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The Quick Guide to Singapore: Top Sights Not to be Missed

Packing all the attractions of a country into the size of a metropolis, Singapore offers a well-ordered view of Chinese, Indian and Malay cultures with Western amenities and convenient access. If you want to see the best that this destination has to offer, check into one of the Singapore accommodation and then check out these top sights.



For a quick introduction on the city-state that is Singapore, spend some time in its museums. The National Museum of Singapore explains the history and growth of this Asian powerhouse through several galleries as well as permanent and temporary exhibits. The Asian Civilizations Museum displays artifacts from the country’s major cultural groups, including such highlights as Javanese temple sculpture, early Buddhist art from India, and Chinese calligraphy. Enjoy international contemporary art at the Singapore Art Museum. For the best in modern Southeast Asian art, visit the National Gallery Singapore.


Singapore National Museum



Singapore Art Museum

Gardens by the Bay


Covering over 100 hectares of reclaimed land, Gardens by the Bay offers several conservatories, gardens, and plant-related attractions next to the Marina Reservoir. The Cloud Forest puts tropical mountain regions under climate-controlled glass and is highlighted by a 115-foot waterfall. Take the elevator to the 42-metre high Cloud Mountain and then stroll leisurely down a circular path. At the Supertrees Grove, you can take elevated walkways among several metallic tree-like structures ranging in height from 25 to 50 metres. Come back at night to enjoy a light and sound show. To appeal to the little ones, the Children’s Garden features an adventure trail with hanging bridges, trampolines, and a tree house.


Singapore – Gardens By The Bay

ION Orchard



Orchard Road reigns as the city’s most famous shopping street with over 20 malls vying for your cash. If you can choose only one mall to visit, try ION Orchard. Its distinctive undulating facade also attracts attention as a giant video screen. Inside, you’ll find luxury brands, restaurants, and a food hall. Head for the top floor, about 218 meters high, for 360-degree views of Singapore. Find out what you’re seeing on the interactive telescopic screens. Admission is free and there’s a grill and bar as well if you want to dine among the clouds.




Singapore Night Safari


To provide a natural break from the urban crowds, Singapore boasts four wildlife reserves. The most comprehensive is the Singapore Zoo where animals like pygmy hippos, white tigers, and polar bears inhabit environments ranging from Wild Africa to the Frozen Tundra. Come back after 5:30 PM and next door you can trek through the Night Safari and observe the animals of the dark. Catch the 20-minute Creatures of the Night show or have dinner on the moving tram.
If you prefer your animal experience on the wet side, the River Safari simulates the world’s great water systems, such as the Congo, Yangtze and Nile. Delight to two giant pandas at the Giant Panda Forest. For a focus on feathers, the Jurong Bird Park lets you admire and feed species ranging from cassowaries to flamingos. If you plan on visiting two or more parks, spring for a combination ticket to save you money.

Safety Tips for The Home: Do You Have These Measures in Place Yet?

Safety is a natural human instinct. It refers to the well-being and protection from danger causing exposure agents. Shelter being a fundamental human need means that people should treat homes as sacred places. A home is an individual or family quarters of residence where people sleep, eat, relax, play and raise families.

The reasons as to why you should spare no cost to secure your home are evident

real estate and family home security concept - closeup picture o

First, by securing your home, you satisfy the human need for protection. Secondly, the probability of loss of household items is minimized to acceptable standards. This article will establish risk areas in homes and proceed to recommend relevant safety measures.

door lockSafety in your home starts with entry points such as doors and windows. Secure them with original and durable locks. Also, these locks should have at least two sets of keys that can be stored in a safe. They should also be serviced at least thrice a year. The use of technology has led to the use of advanced intrusion detection system to minimize burglary. Keep windows closed always. The windows should also be positioned higher on the wall to make it harder to access from outside. Also, have rails and guards built along staircase.

Secondly, the design of your home should be made with an emphasis on safety. Alternative emergency escape routes from all rooms should be clearly mapped out. It is also prudent to increase safety awareness among family members. Regular safety drills can be conducted in the family setting to improve preparedness. Security services in Singapore help households achieve an acceptable level of security awareness.

Safety is a necessity in your home especially when you have power and gasfire linesinstalled in your home. During emergencies, fire extinguishers, fire blankets, and other firefighting equipment come in handy. They should be installed in all yourrooms in the house. It is also advisable to minimize the prevalence of highly flammable materials such as fuels, plastics, and paper within your premises. Smoke and fire detection systems are very efficient early warning systems when put in place.

These fire safety services can be easily accessed in Singapore.The other important safety feature pertains to ventilation and flooring. Sufficient ventilating holes can be drilled into the walls. Most ventilating mechanisms is automated today allowing households to not only maintain a fresh circulation of air but also the regulation of internal household climate. When it comes to floors, go for tiles that are a bit rough and have grip. This tip helps you minimize accidents related to sliding and falling. If your floor has tiles already, an excellently rough carpet can do.

Acquaint and arm yourself with safety gear for use during emergencies. Most of these gadgets are basic. They include a first aid kit, a mallet and sledgehammer, a saw, firefighting equipment. Emergency contact lines for police, ambulance services, and alarm systems are also crucial. If resources allow you, video surveillance inside the house and around your compound acts as an added kit


Smooth Out Your Skin Tone With These Helpful Hints

tratamientos-faciales1You always want to put your best face forward, looking your brightest and most beautiful. A key component of your best and most vibrant look is a flawless skin tone. You need to start with a smooth, blemish-free foundation, and that smooth skin is desirable not just on your face but over your entire body. Fading dark spots, freckles removal, toning down blotchy areas — these are just a few of the steps you can take to ensure a smooth, even look on both face and body.

Non-surgical-skin-care-treatmentsMany women have freckles, dark spots, gray areas and blotches caused by acne scarring that can complicate and add more steps to an everyday beauty routine. But you can start your makeup steps each day by creating an even facial foundation and hiding unwanted pigmentation along with other blemishes and marks. While total freckle removal can be costly, impractical and sometimes impossible, you can hide and fade those freckles using a number of tips and tricks. Many everyday household items can double as freckle-fading remedies. These include: lemon juice — blot it on your freckles and leave it on for about 15 minutes, then rinse; honey — warm it for a few seconds in the microwave, then apply it to your freckles and rinse after 15 to 20 minutes; papaya — rub juice from a fresh papaya on the freckles and then rinse after 20 minutes. Honey is a natural moisturizer too! There are other natural remedies you can try, including buttermilk, sour cream and more.
If you are concerned about more permanent or unsightly brown spots or pigmentation, you may want to seek some more permanent solutions. Hyperpigmentation, so-called wine stains and melasma — darkened gray or brown spots on the skin — can be unsightly and embarrassing, putting a real damper on your quest to look your best. To get rid of some of these blemishes once and for all, you can opt for procedures such as dermabrasion, chemical peels and the melasma treatment in Singapore that’s now available.
For your everyday regimen, keep your skin its healthiest and smoothest by using an oil-free moisturizer. Experiment with different facial makeup foundations to find the perfect one to smooth out your skin tone. Some foundations hide spots and freckles better than others. Your best bet is to try several different products and remedies until you find the perfect combination for your skin.

Simplifying Singapore Real Estate Investing In 5 Easy Steps


Singapore’s boomingeconomy continues to attract investors from across the globe. From its towering skyscrapers that emulate those of New York’s to being Asia’s financial center, there are countless reasons why people want to reside in Singapore or invest in its promising real estate market. But for average Joes who have neither the knowledge nor the experience in real estate, the process can be arduous. Here are five easy steps that can simplify your hunt, minimize all-nighters and keyword searches, lower mortgage and overhead expenses, and generally keep you sane afterwards.

Consult a Real Estate Agent

Initially, you’d want to consult a Singapore property agent who knows the in-betweens of the local market. Finding a competent and licensed property agent is just as much important as finding the right house since he/she will be representing you throughout the entire transaction. Avoid using more than one agency as this can lead to confusion since most agencies in Singapore share similar portfolios. You’ll end up having the same portfolio of properties and paying double.

Determine Your Criteria 

When you consult a good real estate agent, he/she will likely ask you about what you are specifically looking for in a property. Do your priorities lean towards a more spacious indoor or outdoor environment for a growing family or perhaps a condominium for sale that’s conveniently located around the establishments you will mostly be visiting? Every home buyer has their own unique set of criteria that ultimately decides how narrow or wide the choices will be.

Obtain an Option To Purchase 

Basically, this gives you the right to purchase the Singapore property after a certain period of time, usually no more than 2 weeks upon obtaining the Option to Purchase or Offer to Purchase as termed by some realtors. One percent of the property’s purchase price is usually charged to the prospecting buyer for the rights. After 14 days and you still want to buy the property, use the option by signing and mailing it to the seller’s agent. At this point, you may need to pay another 4 or 9 percent of the purchase price.

Securing a Mortgage 

As a foreigner transacting with foreign currency, you are allowed to secure a mortgage from a Singapore-based bank for up to a capped limit of 80 percent of the property’s purchase price. Keep in mind that the actual mortgage amount is subject to valuation by the bank or private lender. Singaporean banks have gained a reputation of providing competitive interest rates, which hover around 3.5 to 4 percent, which is substantially lower than other banks in other countries, which enforce an average of 6.5 percent interest rate on their mortgages.

Don’t Forget About Property Taxes 

It’s all too common for property buyers to perfect every step of the process, only to fail miserably at the last step, which is filing for property tax. This should be done on a yearly basis following ownership of the property. The amount payable is based on the annual value of the property multiplied by the tax rate, which currently stands at 10 percent. For buyers who intend to occupy the property themselves, the rate may trickle down to 4 percent.

Singapore Real Estate Investment


2007 marked the beginning of Singapore’s real estate market boom. Strong economic growth coupled with the influx of professionals migrating into the country at the time made real estate space highly valued and in-demand. Nowadays, however, profitable opportunities are scarcer and investing involves a more sophisticated and rigorous process. If you wish to maximize ROI, take these five investing principles to heart.

Start Simple 

As an inexperienced investor, it will do your capital good if you take baby steps rather than go after it at full speeds. A rental property, for example, is the most basic strategy you can use when starting out as a real estate investor. Generally, you buy a property and then rent it out to a tenant. Over time, as you get paid a regular passive source of income, you can reinvest it into more properties. You can mix it up and buy a studio apartment in Singapore to complement 2-bedroom or traditional bungalow units.

Consider REITs 

Real estate investment trust securities are a relatively nascent financial product for investors who wish to expose their capital to real estate but do not want the burdens of being the property’s landlord. Look for a reliable and established investment group that focuses on rental properties and commercial spaces that fit your specific investment objectives. In exchange for the service, the investment firm will charge you a percentage of any amount you make from the monthly rent paid by the property’s tenant.

Credit Reports 

In today’s economically troubling times, credit reports are deemed a necessary weapon by borrowers to avert unjustifiably high mortgage rates and by lenders who wish to prevent any defaults on their mortgage contracts. Majority of lenders require a minimum FICO score of 700 who wish to purchase investment property. Furthermore, make sure that your credit balance is proportionately lower than your monthly income. To check your credit report, you can request a free one every year from Trans Union, Equifax, or Experian.

Identify Prime Locations For Real Estate Investing 

Inexperienced investors make the common mistake of focusing their search locally or in areas that are an obvious goldmine. This can severely limit opportunities and any potential profit. If you want to maximize investment growth, try to get out of your comfort zone and look further away. You can keep updated of new areas that look promising by paying attention to Singapore property news.

Stay In The Loop 

Participating in Singapore’s real estate market without actually being in the country can serve as a disadvantage to an investor. Staying in the loop allows you to timely react to market events, such as new housing regulations being enforced or geopolitical issues that may affect the valuation of properties in a particular location. As mentioned in the previous paragraph, try to pay attention to local news channels that cover the subject matter.

Real estate can be a cutthroat financial market to participate in. Novice investors can use the five tips above to even out the playing field and be able to compete against more experienced investors.

Why Eyesight Deteriorates

Over time, most people’s vision will deteriorate. While it may not happen quickly, for most, it is inevitable. There are a variety of reasons that a person’s vision will begin to deteriorate causing eye problems.

you can visit here to learn about myopia

Wearing Glasses or Contact Lenses
Glasses and contacts are a prescription. Just like a prescription drug, they can be abused. When you do not wear your glasses properly, in a way that they can rehabilitate your vision, they can contribute to the deterioration of your vision. Over time, wearing glasses or contacts too often can increase the near-point stress on the eyes which can progress the process.

Hours of Reading
Near point stress is a leading cause of eyesight deterioration. Near point stress will make your eyes hurt or feel uncomfortable after hours of reading, studying, or any close vision activity. This near point stress can lead to myopia (you can visit here to learn about myopia), which is the inability to see objects from far away.

Unfortunately, everyone ages. With that aging comes several negative effects on the body. As you age, the internal components of the eye become rigid and stiff, causing them to lose their flexibility. When this happens, your eyes will not be able to focus on objects the way that they could when you were younger. There are ways, however, to increase the flexibility in your eyes. There are a variety of optical exercises that you can do, which can slow the progression of the deterioration of your vision.

Computer Use
When you use the computer for a long period of time, it can cause near point stress on your eyes. You may notice that over time your tear flow is insufficient, causing dry or burning eyes. You may also have decreased blink rates. This can make your vision worse. When you put near point stress on your eyes, you may experience a variety of symptoms. This is your eyes telling you to step away from the computer for a bit. These symptoms include:
Eye fatigue
Eye irritation
Eye strain
Double vision
Dry and irritated eyes
Light sensitivity

Lack of Nutrients
In order for your eyes to be healthy and maintain proper function and clear eyesight, they need a good amount of vitamin A and Luetin. These nutrients can prevent cataracts, glaucoma, and macular degeneration, which can cause blinding conditions. These nutrients can also improve your visual acuity. If you do not eat enough foods containing these nutrients, you can take supplements.

Straining and Squinting
When you are trying to read in poor light, you will end up straining your eyes. When you are trying to read something too small, you can end up squinting. Both of these can put stress on your eyes, which can make your eyesight worse. When this happens, you would need glasses, contacts, or get lasik surgery.

Lack of Eye Exercises
Just like any part of your body, your eyes should be exercised daily to keep your vision clear. These exercises are designed to strengthen your eyes, enabling you to see better without corrective lenses. When you exercise your eyes properly, you can dramatically correct aging vision, farsightedness, nearsightedness, and astigmatism.

When you know what can cause your vision to deteriorate, you have a better chance of slowing and stopping the progression.

Four Tips for Exploring Eorzea in FFXIV

With the release of Heavensward this summer, Final Fantasy XIV has shown itself to have staying power in what has often been a revolving door of MMORPGs. This is one of the best online games in Malaysia, and it’s in for the long-haul, and new players can easily feel like they’re a little late to the party. If you’re just starting out or you’re making a return to Eorzea, here are a few tips to help you ease back into the FFXIV lifestyle.


1. Join a Free Company

While FFXIV is certainly a game that anyone can play solo, you’ll find your time more enjoyable and many quests and dungeons much easier to complete with the help of a few friends. One of your first orders of business when you join the game should be to look for a Free Company (FC). Try visiting your server’s official forums and looking for FCs that are actively recruiting, or post a message looking for a group.

2. Try All the Jobs and Classes

FFXIV is great for allowing players to try on all the different hats. There are no limitations on jobs, so don’t feel like you have to stay locked in to your first class. If you see someone running around in amazing gear or using awesome abilities, don’t hesitate to unlock that job and try it out for yourself. Each job plays just a little different, so you might enjoy the feel of a Bard but not a Machinist or a Black Mage but not a Summoner.


3. Push to Level 30

With that in mind, plan to level pretty much every job to 30. As you play, you’ll be able to add additional abilities (called cross-class abilities) to whatever job you’re playing. Many of these abilities are unlocked around level 30, though some require you to press a little higher. While you level, you’ll start to get a feel for how each job plays, and be able to make a better decision about what job you really want to play at end-game.


4. Explore Crafting and Gathering

Gil isn’t really all that hard to come by, and you’ll probably make decent money just exploring dungeons and completing quests, but crafting and gathering add a whole extra layer of engagement to this game. As with the Disciple of War and Disciple of Magic classes, you’re not restricted on crafting and gathering classes, and many of them have great cross-class abilities that enhance each other. Save your daily leve allowance for leveling up these Disciple of the Land and Disciple of Hand classes, and you’ll quickly plow through levels.

When you’ve got your FFXIV time card in hand and these four tips in mind, you can explore the world of Eorzea to your heart’s content!

Time Card for FFXIV


Taking Care of Eye Diseases

Having an unexplainable eye problem is a common thing. Fortunately, most of these eye diseases disappear without medical attention or at times are manageable by self-treating. There are various treating products that can be found over the counter, and they range from ocular decongestants to ointments. These products are helpful in dealing with dryness, excessive watering and itching of the eye. However, it is important to observe caution as what may look like a minor problem may cause a severe condition. It is thus prudent to consult your doctor in case of any eye problem that is persistent.


Nearsightedness, also referred as myopia, is a common refractive eye error. This genetic eye disease will typically make you unable to clearly read road signs and see distant objects, but you will be in a position to comfortably see things that are very close to you. Secondary signs and symptoms that may cause myopia include eyestrain, squinting and headaches. Feeling fatigued when playing sports or driving can also be a symptom of an uncorrected nearsightedness.

Nearsightedness can be rectified by undergoing refractive surgery or wearing contact lenses, or eyeglasses. Based on the degree of this condition, you may require wearing your eyeglasses or contact lenses every time or only when unable to see clearly. Besides, Epi-LASIK can be considered as a permanent solution to myopia, since it is bladeless, painless surgery.
For eye diseases that do not need much of a doctor’s attention, they can be safely treated at home. The following are tips on home treatment for major eye disorders.

Black eye. To reduce pain and swelling on the first day, you should apply an ice pack on the affected region for about 20 minutes at a time. This procedure should be carried out once after every 4 hours. Supposing you do not have ice packs, you can use ice cubes wrapped in cloth or frozen vegetable. If the symptoms persist or you are experiencing blurred vision, or you have blood in the eye, then medical attention is important.

Pink eye. Also referred to as conjunctivitis. This eye disease is usually caused by virus and do not respond to antibiotics. This condition normally disappears on its own. Visit your ophthalmologist to diagnose your specific case. To minimize the discomfort, you can apply cool compresses on the affected eye. This condition is highly contagious and it is important that you take proper precaution like avoiding sharing of towels, pillows or handkerchiefs, and ensure that you wash your hands often.

Stye may appear nasty but it is usually harmless and only exists for about a week. Home care for this kind of disease is by running a cloth under warm water, and placing it over a closed eye. Repeat this process severally every time the washcloth cools. Do this for about 3 to 4 times daily for a week. Applied heat enables in unblocking the pores. Ensure you do not wear contact lenses or makeup when suffering from this condition. Also, do not squeeze or try to pop the stye as it may spread the infection to surrounding regions of your eye.

Eye diseases when not properly taken proper care of may lead to adverse effects. If you are unsure of the condition, it is prudent to visit a health practitioner to guide you accordingly.

Eye Health Solutions: Lasik eye Surgery

Lasik is a word that stands for laser-in situ keratomileusis and is a surgery procedure used In Lasik eye treatment are excellent and world class Singapore eye centre that are meant to correct vision. Surgeries done to correct vision are farsighted vision, nearsighted vision, color blindness, double vision, glaucoma, retinal detachment, cataracts, keratoconus and the problem of astigmatism. Correcting these vision problems is done by use of laser correction surgeries meant to reshape the cornea, front eye part, so that light coming through it can be focused onto the retina, a part of the located at the backside. Before undergoing a Lasik surgery, the client has to meet with an eye surgeon who explains what the client should during and after the procedure. Also, the client’s medical evaluation and history is closely examined as well as the eyes. After the examination, the client meets the surgeon to conduct the surgery, together they schedule the appropriate appointment date for the procedure.

Lasik surgery

Lasik surgery is a process that takes two steps, flap recreation and corneal reshaping. For one to undergo the surgery, pre and post operation preparation that cushion the steps have to be done.

Flap recreation

The cornea is a clear outer part of the eye where light is focused and passes through to the retina. Its shape and clarity affects the way one can see the world. It is the bridge to the world appears in someone’s sight. During this procedure, the eye clinic, through its surgeons, creates the flap using either a laser or a microkeratome blade. Laser-created flaps are the most preferred as they have an advantage of improved recovery time over the other.

Reshaping the cornea

Singapore eye centre use Lasik excimer laser, a device that gained popularity I n 1990s, to reshape the cornea. What this laser does is reshaping living tissue in the cornea without causing injuries or damages. The device also removes microscopic corneal that live underneath the cornea flap created by the surgeon. The surgeon conducting the surgery will then remove cells in from the right places depending on measurement observations of the client’s corneal topography during consultations as explained by Manrique Custom Vision.

After visiting and undergoing any surgery, adequate recovery time is essential to any patient. This is also observed after visiting any Lasik eye clinic. The surgery has little downtime as recovering patient can actively engage and get involved in activities like working, driving or even visiting social places as soon as a single day after undergoing it. This is an amazing advantage as on does not have to the lifestyle he/she is taking after undergoing a surgery. Downtime is between 4-8 hours after surgery, depending on the doctor’s advice. Always the best way to avoiding going through the 4-8 hour downtime is sleeping to avoid eye irritations caused by drops that are put into the eye during the procedure.

Use of Lasik helps many patients correct their imperfect eyesight. It has made it possible for patients to avoid wearing contacts or glasses for proper vision, says Eye Institute.

Making the Most out of Living in Singapore: A Guide for Expats


Singapore is one of the most popular locations for expatriates. The high standard of living, multicultural population, and excellent public transport systems are huge draws to foreigners who want to move to Southeast Asia. Moving to a foreign country can be difficult, so here are a few facts about Singapore that all expats need to know.

Singapore is one of the financial centres of the world, so there are a lot of different banks. Expats will require a bank statement from their original country, their passport, and an employer’s letter to open a bank account. Many places throughout the city use NETS, a cashless payment system. All people working in Singapore will have to pay the Singapore Income Tax on income received in Singapore.

Many of the buildings in Singapore are fairly new. It is essential to have a property agent in Singapore, since many building are owned by people who live in Malaysia and Indonesia, and you might never meet the owner of your housing. Most expats end up living in condominiums, which are affordable and have nice facilities.

Singapore has four official languages, Malay, Tamil, English, and Mandarin. Most people in the city speak Singlish, which is a mix of English and all the other languages in Singapore. It is possible to communicate if you only know English, but learning Mandarin may be helpful.

Singapore is a vibrant city that combines several different cultures, so most people are forgiving of those who have some cultural differences. Try to learn a little bit about the Malay, Chinese, and Indian traditions so that you can express respect and religious tolerance. As long as you focus on behaving politely and respectfully, you should not run into too many issues.

Keep in mind that Singapore is an extremely law-abiding city. Breaking laws in Singapore can result in harsh fines, long prison sentences, or even death. Weapons, pornographic material, and subversive or offensive literature is not allowed to even enter the city.

The business community of Singapore is highly formal. It is important to always be punctual and never question the authority of those in higher positions. Appointments are often necessary for even the most casual of meetings. Exchanging business cards is an important part of introductions.

Children of expats can enroll in local schools, but the Singapore schooling system is very competitive. Usually, Singaporeans will have preference over foreigners in local schools. There are also some very good international schools within Singapore, which expats often attend instead of waiting for a local school to have a space.

Singaporeans highly honor their elders, so it is important to be particularly accommodating to them. Communication is often very subtle, and people will make hints instead of directly stating facts. Since it can be a little complicated, there are many courses which teach expats the various social customs of Singapore.

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