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For Brides-to-be: 3 Tips on How to Choose that Perfect Wedding Dress


Weddings are definitely considered as once-in-a-lifetime events, for every woman in Singapore and other locations who dreams of that perfect day, it is a must to prepare ahead of time to avoid hassles and problems on this special moment. Every bride-to-be must have on top of her mind that wedding gown which will suit her perfectly and beautifully on her wedding day.

To help you select, here are three tips on choosing a wedding dress that suits your personality:1

  1. Choose a wedding gown that flatters your body type (and even personality) The first and most important thing to consider is your body and what matches it exquisitely and spotlessly. For example, if you have a wide upper body, then you might not consider having a tube wedding gown as it reveals too much of your arms and shoulders. Or if you are not that tall, choose a gown that will make you seem taller and will play down your height problems. An additional trick for plump girls who are getting married is trying to lose weight and be able to don any type of dress you dream of. As early as possible, you can visit wedding shops and try wedding dresses to see what suits you best.2
  2. Consult a reliable designer Fashion experts would definitely know what is best for you, plus the fact that they are aware of the latest styles and trends when it comes to fashion. A lot of brides-to-be will save themselves from the dilemma of not getting that perfect fit from dress that comes straight from the racks if they choose to have their own wedding gown customized and personally made.3
  3. Match it with the kind of your ceremony Don’t forget to consider what type of wedding ceremony you will be having, whether you’re going to have a church wedding, or a more laid back wedding ceremony by the beach. In this case, you will know what gown will be ideal for you.

Remember that weddings are part of that fairy tale that every woman dreams of, and being able to look your best in a wedding gown that is beautiful and perfect surely is a good way to begin that new life with your groom.

A Quick Guide on Finding a Place to Live in Singapore for Foreigners

Image result for A Quick Guide on Finding a Place to Live in Singapore for ForeignersConsidered as Asia’s tiger economy, Singapore is indeed becoming a popular place for migrant workers, international students, and expatriates. With a stable and viable economy, highly lauded government administration, and modern infrastructures, it is a destination where one can settle in and build a healthy future.

The first thing that incoming migrants to Singapore must settle is securing a place to stay in. Accomplishing this mission will not be such a hard thing to do as the Housing Development Board or HDB has introduced the “new town” planning concept introduced in the 1950’s. The new towns are housing estates, which are considered self-contained communities and completed with schools, groceries, clinics, sports, playgrounds, and recreational facilities. At the moment, there are 23 towns and three estates across Singapore.

Leasing HBD Properties for International Students

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Any international student who has acquired a Student Pass are permitted to rent HDB flats in Singapore, which range from at least S$1,000 to S$2,000 each depending on the unit’s total floor area, the number of bedrooms, and its location as well.

Advice for Migrant Workers

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Meanwhile, for incoming migrant workers, the best tip if you’re about to start living in Singapore is to find a flat which you can share with other boarders. Since the cost of renting units is quite high considering the cost for a single occupant, the strategy of sharing flats with friends, co-workers, and classmates has become the practical solution for those who have migrated in Singapore.

Tips for Expatriates

Image result for Expatriate

Expatriates, on the other hand, have better options and can choose from the house hunt guides in selecting an apartment or flat to lease, or property to purchase based on the convenience of its location and its price as well.

Living in Singapore for migrants is a welcome thing with the presence of housing units that can be rented or purchased. You can self-hunt or use the help of a real estate agent in looking for that perfect place to settle in once you’ve arrived in the Lion City.

The Important Basic Information on Cathodic Protection


Cathodic Protection

What is Cathodic Protection?


Cathodic Protection may sound complicated, but it is basically a method to protect metal from corrosion and mainly targets metal that is submerged or buried. It involves another piece of metal known as the ‘sacrificial metal’ and the formations of a cathode and anode.


In Chemistry, a cathode and anode system includes the connection of two metals, whereby corrosion and rust can be avoided and transferred to the sacrificial metal. It is often used in conjunction with other types of corrosion prevention mechanisms on board ships, rigs and pipelines.


The system requires an electric current, like an AC or solar energy source to run through a large metallic body which is connected by wires to the sacrificial metal. This large body of metal is usually called the cathode. The simplest form of Cathodic protection is called Galvanic Cathodic protection.







The importance of having Cathodic protection goes beyond just chemistry

What Are the Benefits of Using Cathodic Protection?


The importance of having Cathodic protection goes beyond just chemistry. It also involves costs. The corrosion of marge metallic bodies which are buried in soil or submerged under seawater for extended periods of time costs millions to replace if not for a corrosion protection system. Up to 3 billion USD is spent annually in America alone on damages to industrial parts due to corrosion. Therefore, effective corrosion prevention methods have to be employed, including Cathodic Protection.


Cathodic protection holds many benefits compared to other methods. As mentioned previously, it is often used as a secondary corrosion prevention method in conjunction with a primary one. The main method may have an effective rate of 50% and above depending on the type and age, but having a secondary system like Cathodic protection brings the corrosion prevention rate up to 100%.


Apart from that, Cathodic prevention systems are easy to maintain just by keeping tabs on its Direct Current Circuit. This also means that as long as the Direct Current Circuit is monitored and kept functioning, the system will run smoothly. This direct current can also be adjusted to meet different needs and situations.

The energy consumed by the Cathode Protection system is relatively small and ranges from 100 to 1000 watts. It can be kept switched on an entire day without racking up a high electricity bill. There are also security systems built in for protection from lightning and power surges.



In general, the Cathodic Protection system is a corrosion protection system that is low maintenance and easy to install. It is also relatively affordable to maintain, which will save you costs in the long run.If you would like to find out more about Cathodic Protection, please visit

Here are 5 Not-So-Ordinary Team Building Activities in Singapore

4629762313Singapore is a great place for your company to get business done. But doing business requires teamwork, and that often requires effective teambuilding. It is often best done outside of the workplace, which can be a problem for many job providers.

Thankfully, Singapore provides ample opportunities and locations to host team building activities that won’t cost a lot of money. The following are five fantastic and affordable group activities in Singapore that will help your team to bond and become more efficient.2966767_orig

  1. Group Picnic and Kite Flying The Marina Barrage is ideally located near the waterfront and provides a perfect location for your company to hold a picnic. Teams of two or more can assemble kites and have fun flying them together, and prizes could be given for the unique and most impressive kites.artjaming1-400x284
  2. Relive 1930s Singapore Your group can travel back in time and experience life in 1930s Singapore with a visit to Village Singapura. The village provides an interactive theatrical group experience set among historic neighborhoods in Singapore. Group members bond via hands-on activities, like making Chinese malt candy sticks, or exploring historic venues.item_1.thumbnail.carousel-img.740.416
  3. MacRitchie Nature Hike A great outdoor locale that offers lush fauna and flora, the MacRitchie TreeTop Walk lets you and your team members take in a gorgeous elevated walk among the park’s treetop canopy. You can also take in the park’s many ground-level nature trails, and hold a company picnic on the grounds.teamPicTeamPg
  4. Tea and Painting You can make your own art, take in classics and enjoy first-rate tea together with a team building trip to Arteastiq. Arteastiq combines a traditional tea house atmosphere with the opportunity to create your own works of art in a highly social setting. Arteastiq has two locations: in Mandarin Gallery and Plaza Singapura.5003382950_3b1ea21e53_b
  5. Take in a MovieMob Night Much like old drive-ins in the United States, the MovieMob allows groups to watch movies at night on large screens outdoors, either seated at tables or by driving up in their cars. Locations continually rotate, making it possible to hold multiple movie-night outings hosted by MovieMob.

There are many great ways for your company to engage in team building activities in Singapore that are affordable, fun, and effective. You are limited only by your imagination when it comes to holding fun group activities that promote team bonding, cooperation, and greater workplace efficiency.

Crash Course – What To Do To Recover Important Files From A Crashed or Corrupted Hard Drive

Crash Course - What To Do To Recover Important Files From A Crashed or Corrupted Hard Drive

In today’s world of data gathering or records keeping, the biggest fiasco that can happen to you is losing your important files because of a crashed or corrupted hard drive. For website owners or business people in countries with a growing economy such as Singapore, systems failure is simply not an option, since it brings havoc to the entire business activities. If you are someone who is proficient in the use of computers but not adept in troubleshooting, then you may need the help of a professional providing IT services. Do not despair because it is not a lost cause. Luckily, in our digital age, it’s easy to acquire a contact for data recovery in Singapore.

Here are some remedies you can perform to secure your data or files:

You have to make sure the product is covered by a warranty

  1. The most unfortunate thing that could happen to you is a defective hard drive right at the onset of your purchase

Immediately contact the manufacturer or store from where you bought it for replacement. You have to make sure the product is covered by a warranty.

You can ensure that while working on important files,

  1. Fluctuating or unstable current, as well as sudden power surges, can cause your hard drive to malfunction

You can ensure that while working on important files, be sure to have a branded UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) to prevent any untoward incident of losing files due to an unsteady current flow. Better switch off your computer too when not in use.

The improper shutdown of a computer is just like a power blackout

  1. A power outage unceremoniously shuts down your system and therefore leads to corrupted files

The improper shutdown of a computer is just like a power blackout. As a rule, dutifully follow the proper technique in shutting down your computer. Close open programs first which allow for command controls to be intact. When you turn it back on the next time, you can safely continue working on your files and sense a perfectly working system.

Sometimes you might have the tendency to modify, alter or experiment on your system

  1. A crashed or corrupted hard drive may be attributed to the most common of all blunders – the human error

Sometimes you might have the tendency to modify, alter or experiment on your system. Any modifications in the settings or unnecessary installation of programs and software can upset your hard drive. In this situation, you need to perform thorough recovery procedures to retrieve damaged data.

A hard disk is not exempt from wear and tear such that it will eventually conk out or stop working. Without intending to exaggerate, if you think your files are as important as your life, then watch out for those squeaking sounds. Remember, the files you save may be your own. One of the best ways to avoid data losses is to back up your files to an external hard drive or a cloud. But in any case, do not hesitate to get in contact with an IT professional when you’re experiencing a hard drive malfunction to avoid doing more damage than good.

8 Simple Ways Mature Women Can Feel Fabulous And Sexy

Mature Women

Just because you’re over 40, it doesn’t mean that it’s time to call it quits and retreat into isolation. Women often feel the pressure to stay and look young, and this may push them to go through painful measures just to avoid aging. Women who age naturally are often penalized, while those who went to receive Botox or similar treatments are celebrated. If you’re a mature woman, these are eight simple ways that will help you feel fabulous and sexy without damaging yourself:

  1. Have everything in moderation Age shouldn’t stop you from your favorite things. But if you must indulge in something, have everything in moderation. If you love drinking, limit your intake to a glass per day. If you love sweets or fatty foods, limit them to once a week (your intake may also vary depending on your health condition). Simply put, your key to aging gracefully lies in moderation.
  2. Avoid poor diet Poor diet can easily contribute to an increase of free radicals, which will eventually age you by damaging your DNA. Make sure you have a well-balanced diet on a daily basis and take supplements and vitamins if needed. Consult with your doctor on your needs.
  3. Meditate or exercise Stress can age you faster, and mature women are more prone to stress due to their hectic lifestyle. Avoid stress by meditating, doing yoga, or exercising. You can also join rigorous yet fun dance classes meant for burning calories. At the end of the day, you’ll emerge as a happier woman.
  4. Apply sunscreen As you age, your skin will lose its elasticity. If you go out without applying sunscreen, you are putting your skin at a greater risk and increasing your chances of getting wrinkles or sun damages. Start using sunscreen as soon as possible, preferably SPF30 and above. Try to wear protective clothing like a hat or an umbrella whenever you’re out in the sun.
  5. Avoid overconsumption of sodium Too much salt can not only age you fast and ruin your looks, it will also kill you, which is why it’s crucial for mature women to stay away completely from high sodium diet. Your skin will thank you, and you’ll be saving yourself from getting a stroke, a heart attack, or a declining cognitive functioning.
  6. Use a hand cream If you’re a career woman who’s normally out and about meeting clients and customers, it’s important that you use a hand cream. Hand creams are very useful in keeping your hands from shriveling or wrinkling.
  7. Laugh a lot and exercise your brain Laughing out loud releases stress and makes you feel young. You should also exercise your brain by immersing yourself in mentally stimulating activities such as learning a new skill or language.
  8. Use a body firming lotion As women age, they tend to sag in all areas of their body. A sagging skin or body part can ruin any woman’s confidence. You can overcome this by using a body firming lotion that works wonders for your body. Choose a product based on your skin type and age range. Be sure to check the ingredients to avoid allergic reactions.

It’s high time that women embrace aging gracefully and naturally without being penalized by the society. With the help of a few non-invasive beauty products, you can maintain your beauty while you age — without spending a huge amount of money and put yourself at risks by going under the knife. Follow the eight simple ways recommended, and you’ll be on your way to feeling fabulous and sexy regardless of your age.

Turn Heads Wherever You Go – 7 Sure-Fire Ways for Great Men’s Hair

Great Men's Hair

Your hair is one of the most noticed parts of your look, and you want your hair to look its best as often as possible. Yet, like most busy men in Singapore, you probably aren’t taking the time to properly care for your hair, aside from using a good shampoo and maybe one or two care products.

While it always helps to use quality hair products for men, you need to do more to ensure the best hair care and style to turn heads in Singapore. Here are seven sure-fire ways for you to ensure your hair is in its best possible health and looks great.

  1. Keep It Cool in the Shower

Hot showers feel great on your muscles, but they cause problems for your scalp and hair. Hot water will purge essential oils from your scalp and hair, which causes dry, brittle hair. A more tepid shower will help to preserve your natural oils and help prevent dry scalp and hair.

  1. Use Moisturizing Hair Conditioner

Your hair needs to be conditioned to be healthy. A good conditioner will nourish your hair with protein and help keep it moist and shiny.

  1. Skip the Blow Dryer

If you like blow drying your hair, you should stop. The heat and the wind from a blow dryer are excessive and will damage your hair. Whenever possible, it’s best to use a clean towel to pat your hair and head dry, rather than using an excessively hot blow dryer.

Skip the Blow Dryer

  1. Get Trimmed Often

The ends of your hair naturally split over time, and that means you need to trim your hair regularly to stop split ends from growing. Even if you want your hair to grow longer, you should see your hairdresser at least every six weeks to keep split ends under control.

  1. Don’t Do It Yourself

Many home-care products say they can make your hair and appearance much better. And many men in Singapore use them, often with damaged hair as a result. The chemicals in many at-home treatments for coloring or perming hair will dry out and damage your hair. If you are going to color your hair, it’s best to use a trained and skilled stylist using safe products.

  1. Keep Your Hat Loose

Unless it’s a windy day, there’s no need to wear a tight hat in Singapore. Yet, many men do, and if you are one of them, you are harming your hair. Tight hats pull hair from your scalp, damage cuticles, and cause breakage. In many instances, the damage is permanent. Wearing your hat more loosely will keep your hair where it belongs.

  1. Sleep Well

If you don’t get a good night’s sleep on a regular basis, you experience increased stress levels, poorer health, and increased hair loss. Ensuring between six and eight hours of sleep each night will help to keep you rested and in better health, with lower stress and more hair.

The combination of good habits that promote healthy hair and using quality hair products for men can help you to maintain a full and healthy head of hair that looks great. The simple investment of a moderate amount of time each day can prove highly rewarding with a great head of hair.

Be the Star of the Night: 6 Best Tips To Remember When Attending A Gala Night in Singapore


One of the most formal events that people attend is a gala night, an affair usually held for special events and charity fund raising activities. Gala nights are regarded as black-tie affairs and this means that the guests must don their best look from head to toe. Here are six tips that will make you shine bright like a diamond in a gala event in Singapore: 1

  1. Be glamorous! It’s all about exuding glitz and glamor, and the most important thing to do is to choose a fabulous evening gown that perfectly complements your personality. There are a lot of evening gowns in Singapore which you can check out, and you’ll surely wow the crowd with your elegance and style. Men, on the other hand, always have the choice of wearing tuxedos or a formal jacket for this kind of events.2
  2. Find that perfect footwear that matches your outfit. Wearing heels is a must, and you can choose either matching your formal gown with stilettos, open-toed shoes, or strappy footwear. It is not a night to wear flat shoes or chunky types of sandals like wedges or clogs. Be mindful, however, of your date’s height, as it can be a bit awkward to be taller than your male companion.3
  3. Accessorize! Go for chic pieces of jewelry, and always remember not to overdo it by wearing all the sparkly pieces all together. What always works best is simplicity and elegance. Don’t forget to complete your look with a fashionable clutch bag.4
  4. Put on a classy makeup and hairstyle. More than your dress and accessories, though, you must also remember to look your best by putting on the right type of makeup and hairdo that matches your face and complexion.5
  5. Observe proper table manners. Remember that gala nights are formal affairs and these would mean having to demonstrate the proper table manners and etiquette.6
  6. Don’t forget to socialize. The secret to having a memorable gala night is being able to mingle with more attendees as possible, and the only way to do it is to be very sociable and cheerful.

Gala nights are indeed nights to remember, and you should keep these things in mind for you to have good memories of elegance and fun.

5 Amazingly Simple and Effective IT Management Tips to Grow Your Business

Businessmen standing in front of an earth map

Your online business needs effective IT management to ensure your website stays up and running and your business, customers, and partners are protected against hackers and viruses. While it’s possible to get IT support services in Singapore, you need a plan in place to help manage your IT system to ensure maximum efficiency. The following are five amazingly simple ways for you to do that.

The fewer people who have access to the administrative controls at your business

  1. Control Your Administrative Access

The fewer people who have access to the administrative controls at your business, the better. You only want qualified technicians and people who have the management responsibilities to access your administrative controls. That limits accidents and helps to keep your business running smoothly.

particularly as hackers and other continually create new invasive tactics to damage or destroy your online business

  1. Use Layered Security

No single security system is fool-proof, particularly as hackers and other continually create new invasive tactics to damage or destroy your online business. Using layered security systems that utilize firewalls, continually improved security measures and constant monitoring can provide effective layered security.

You likely incorporate some of your personal devices

  1. Secure Workers’ Personal Equipment

You likely incorporate some of your personal devices, such as cell phones, tablets, and mobile devices, into your daily work routine, and so do your workers. That means you need to secure your personal devices, as well as theirs, to prevent accidental damage to your IT system.

something likely will happen that will cause your server to crash or otherwise disrupt your online business

  1. Employ a Backup System

Sooner or later, something likely will happen that will cause your server to crash or otherwise disrupt your online business. When that happens, you need a backup copy that you can install and have up and running as soon as possible. A backup system also protects critical information.

protection as a bricks-and-mortar business to protect against threats unique to cyber-based businesses

  1. Buy Cyber Insurance

Your online business needs as much protection as a bricks-and-mortar business to protect against threats unique to cyber-based businesses. That includes potential losses caused by hacker attacks, equipment losses, and liability for damages that your customers or business partners might suffer and other risks. The idea is to protect your business and its financial interests, and minimize your business risks.

When you take the necessary steps to manage your IT system, you can keep your business running as smoothly and efficiently as possible. That means you can maximize your profits while minimizing potential business losses, by controlling internal and external threats that could cause your online business to crash. A careful, systematic approach to managing your IT will help you to make that happen.

Do You Own A Website? 6 Major Benefits Of A Fully Integrated Software System

Do You Own A Website 6 Major Benefits Of A Fully Integrated Software System

An integrated software system is an essential part of every company’s growth. Every high-growth business online should be keen on which integration system to use in order to streamline their business operations and earning potential. A survey from experts shows about 85% of medium-sized companies around Singapore report to have increased in efficiency, after use of a fully integrated software. To experience dramatic growth in your online business, here are 6 top benefits of a fully integrated system that you might want to reconsider.

Some of the key processes that frequently occur around the company are such as order management

  1. Increases efficiency across the organization

Some of the key processes that frequently occur around the company are such as order management, invoicing, cash collection, expenditure approvals, and so on. A fully fledged software system allows you to automate such processes, hence relieves you from employing new hires required to manage such operations. You also save some extra bucks, as most of your business operations wouldn’t need much labor to pay for every month.

Financial planning

  1. Dramatically increases visibility

Real-time visibility is paramount in making critical and informed decisions. Staff members are better informed and able to make wise decisions when data can be accessed instantly, from anywhere around the workplace. A fully integrated system allows businesses to minimize wastage of resources during data extraction, which enables data to be accessed from any point in real-time.

Real-time visibility is paramount in making critical and informed decisions

  1. Utilizes IT time and cost savings

Because no labor is needed to run multiple systems, along with their integrations, many sites experience a significant drop in operational expenses. This gives website owners the privilege to use that IT time to fulfill another larger purpose essential for the company’s growth.

expansion to different locations and additional sales zones is easy to accomplish due to the seamless control of work operations

  1. Accelerates growth

With a fully integrated solution, expansion to different locations and additional sales zones is easy to accomplish due to the seamless control of work operations. Online businesses also easily scale and sell more efficiently to their existing buyers from the enhanced visibility they acquire.

Since process changes can be solved quickly

  1. Fosters user-driven innovation

Since process changes can be solved quickly, website owners can use their functional expertise to monitor applications and processes to improve performance. Meanwhile, their IT personnel should focus more on strategic initiatives that can otherwise add value to a company’s goals, by creating innovative and value-added solutions.

Integrated software allows the faster gathering of statements and data

  1. Initiates faster and easier analysis

Integrated software allows the faster gathering of statements and data. It does this through matching activities between systems, and ignoring those that don’t match. This allows critical work processes to be identified earlier and errors to be corrected in real-time.

Above are some of the major benefits of installing a fully integrated software system for your online business. A fully integrated system can save you and your staff valuable time, money, and help all your business operations run smoothly. Thinking of getting a system integrator in Singapore? Make sure you find a system integrator that can help you easily optimize your IT infrastructure more to get the most of your software. Choosing the right system will reduce any burden and make your job online much fun and easier!

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