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7 Ways You Can Firm Up Your Body the Healthy Way


As we go through life, all of us are bound to experience some weight fluctuations at one time or another. Sometimes, these fluctuations can result in a little flabbiness or cellulite. These features usually appear under you arms, at the abdomen, on your thighs, around your neck and elsewhere. Aging can also cause skin to become droopy or saggy in certain areas, especially around the face and neck.

If you would like to try firming up your body, there are many methods out there. Here are some ways you can firm up flabby or sagging skin, the healthy way:1

Consume the Right Foods  Collagen and Vitamin C are some of the most important nutrients your body needs to tighten loose skin. Collagen is a type of protein that binds muscle cells together and keeps it firm and bouncy. Therefore, the more collagen a skin has, the firmer it will be. Sources of collagen include soy milk and soy products like tofu. Foods rich in Vitamin C and Omega fatty acids also encourage the production of collagen, so consume lots of fruits, vegetables and fresh fish to get these nutrients.2

Use Natural Oils  Plant-based oils are some of the best firming agents available. Plus they’re generally safe and produce no unwanted side effects like allergic rashes. Grape seed, olive, mustard and jojoba oils have been proven to be beneficial for sagging skin and cellulite. It should be easy to find a suitable lotion to firm your body which contain these natural oils, so be sure to look up the ingredients to ensure that they’re present. Many of these oils contain anti-oxidants and omega fatty acids that are essential to encourage the production of firming proteins.3

Scrub Away Dead Skin Cells  Scrubbing away old and dead skin cells from the surface of sagging skin allows newer, younger and firmer skin cells to grow at a faster rate. You can use commercially available scrubs, or use your own homemade versions. The easiest and safest scrub can be made by adding some natural oils to sugar and then scrubbing this on the affected area. Another scrub you can make is to produce a paste using baking soda and water. Apply this paste to the loose skin and leave it there for at least 15 minutes before washing off.4

Apply Natural Astringents  Astringents are materials that can cause your skin to shrink and constrict by tightening pores and thereby making your skin firmer. Natural astringents include lemon juice, witch hazel, sage, honey and rosemary. Apply them regularly on your body and you’ll be able to see smoother and firmer skin in no time.5

Change Your Lifestyle  Changing some unhealthy habits can have a big impact on how fast the treatments above work. Essentially, if you maintain a healthier lifestyle, then whatever creams, lotions, oils and scrubs you use will have increased efficacy. Some of these healthy habits include getting enough sleep, drinking the minimum 8 glasses of water daily, avoiding fast food or junk food, exercising and reducing stress.

Don’t let saggy skin and cellulite get you down and discouraged. These are merely your skin’s natural features that can be easily remedied. Remember that you’re always beautiful on the inside and out, so be proud of yourself and your skin.

5 Ways to Reward, Engage, and Motivate your Employees

When rewarding employees, sometimes a fat paycheck isn’t enough. To be completely motivated, employees need engagement. They need something to divert and hold their attention outside of work-related tasks. These can be activities that enable them to socialize, or those that help them express their creativity in other ways.

Aside from in-house recreational activities, there are other means of employee engagement. These often act as a reward system for a job well done after a specific period. Here are the top 5 ways to boost office morale through engagement initiatives.


  1. Company trips and picnics. Larger companies can use trips, picnics, and similar events to let their employees socialize with other departments. When employees make friends, their productivity increases. It also helps in boosting their morale. Inter-departmental relations may also benefit from these events. It is good to have a friend as a point-of-contact with another team. It can help expedite processes that get passed on from one department to another. senior-class-trips-for-small-or-large-groups


  1. Team building activities. Team building events are especially useful for jobs with team-based structures. They can be geared to focus on the communication skills of each team. This can help the members home in on the interests, strengths, and weaknesses of each employee. By understanding this, the employees can build strategies to help them work more efficiently. In Singapore, team-building activities also foster a fun environment by allowing a reason to celebrate after a victory. The feeling of victory can entice the teams to take their game to the next level, even in the office setting. There is no replacement for the feeling of competing actively with another team. When done in a non-work setting, it also allows employees to bond in ways impossible with other methods. Competitions like, dragon boat racing at the Kallang river and cook out challenges make Singapore team building activities an unforgettable experience.327x239xMicrosoft-5.23.2.jpg.pagespeed.ic.A14UIShPs8


  1. Company contests. A little healthy competition is vital for any company. It can help increase the productivity of employees. This competition can be triggered by fun activities that pit one team against another. Supervisors must make sure, however, that the competition does not get out of hand.


  1. Workshops. Workshops and similar activities often give employees different challenges. They must complete these either by skill or by creativity. Traits manifested in the middle of these events can be channeled in the workplace, allowing people to think outside the box when needed. When workers are around colleagues they are comfortable with, this creativity is easier to manifest.workshops-training-image


  1. Outreach projects. Certain jobs can be very exhausting, and employees need somewhere to unwind. Companies have the option to sponsor outreach projects. These can be used as means to give employees some breathing space, while still making positive change in the community. It hits two birds with one stone. These activities invite the participants to think of everything in a different light. Their relationships with their colleagues are also affected, as well as the challenges presented to them. By doing this, employees are able to cope better with the everyday rigors of work, as well as with unexpected issues that come their way. Rewarding the employees with a time-out in the form of one of these activities can be an investment for a more productive and engaged workforce.

 5 Reasons Why Good Employees Leave


Manpower is considered to be the most significant resource any company could have. The human resource department or HR, is the department responsible for the recruitment and retention programs of a company. It is important to have an established KPIs for HR departments to ascertain that they are hitting the right targets.

In order to have a successful retention program, HR needs to identify the different reasons why good employees quit or resign. Here are the top five:1

  1. Work Life Imbalance.

Employees become very stressed when they are assigned multiple tasks that need two or more people to accomplish. This usually happens when a company restructures its organization or if the company is implementing cost-cutting measures. Requiring employees to work on the weekends also creates undue stress and pressure. This upsets the balance between work and personal life. More often than not, the employee becomes burned out with too much work and resigns.2

  1. Lack of performance appraisal and promotions.

It is true that compensation and benefits are two of the main reasons why employees leave a company. Employees always look for greener pastures in the form of higher wages and better benefits. Without a consistent appraisal and promotion program, employees could feel stagnant and non-progressive. This pushes them to look for a better company that will meet their expectations. To have a better assessment of an employee’s performance and identify what is due for them, it is ideal to conduct regular performance appraisal that will determine wage increase, merit incentive and promotions appropriate for the employee.3

  1. Lack of recognition and rewards.

Employees will always yearn for rewards and recognition. Sometimes it is not just about monetary rewards, but a pat on the back for a job well done as well. A simple certificate of recognition or commendation for hitting a target will boost the morale of employees. This reinforces good behavior and positive performance.4

  1. Employees are micro- managed.

Employees have to feel that they are empowered to do the job assigned to them. Managers who micro-manage employees to the littlest of details will hinder them from growing and reaching their full potential. Spoon feeding is never a good option, either. Managers should allow employees to perform their job based on their skill set and competence levels.5

  1. Very little feedback and coaching.

It is also important to provide feedback after an employee accomplishes a task. Feedback can be good or constructive. What is important is that they are given and delivered in the most professional manner. Feedback serve as guides that employees can follow. This will allow them to identify their areas for improvement as well.

These are just some of the many possible reasons why employees leave and look for work in another company. HR’s job is to be able to guide the management towards proper people management and keep the top performers of the company under its wing.

4 Types of Breast Enhancements You Can Do in Singapore

There are many reasons why a woman would want breast augmentation. Sometimes, skin stretches and breasts are not as firm and plump. This can happen if your breasts were large to begin with, if you breastfed or if you have lost a lot of weight. Some women also naturally have one breast that is slightly, but noticeably, larger than the other. Many women turn to breast enhancement because they would simply like to fill out a swimsuit a little more. Today, there are many options for breast enhancement and augmentation, and women choose based on what results they are looking for, their budget and what they feel is safe.


  • Fillers


Breast fillers sparked the interest of many women who would have never dreamed of getting surgery to increase their bust size. Fillers offer a non-invasive method of breast enlargement and the procedure is done in 30 minutes. Not long ago, you could get Macrolane breast fillers or Restylane fillers. Now however, you may only be able to get Restylane. The procedure involves having either of these surgical gels injected into the breasts after which the surgeon will make sure the gel is evenly distributed. The results are immediate, and the scar from the needle is hardly noticeable. The pain may take a while to subside. Results can last from four months to one year, after which, you can have it done again, for a fraction of the cost.


  • Implants

Breast implants are filled with a saline solution or silicone, and they usually have a round or tear drop shape. An incision is made in a discreet location, such as near the armpit, and the implants are inserted and positioned to sit under the breast tissue or under the chest muscles. Implants usually come with a 10-year warranty, but they can last a lifetime, especially if you have a good surgeon.


  • Fat Transfer

Fat transfer is a good option if you have excess fat in areas of your body, such as your stomach, hips or thighs. By having fat removed from these areas and injected into your breasts, you can enjoy the benefits of lipo as well as breast enlargement. After the fat is extracted from these areas, it is prepped for injection into your breasts. The surgeon will inject the harvested fat into multiple areas in each breast. This method allows precise sculpting for a more pleasing look. This is a permanent form of breast enlargement. Recovery is easier than it is with implants. You will continue to see improvements up to six months after this procedure. Maintaining a stable weight is recommended for lasting results.


  • Breast Lift

breast-lift-surgery-mastopexy-noimplantsWomen who may be interested in a lift include those who have breastfed, had large breasts to begin with, which eventually began to sag, or those who have lost a lot of weight. A breast lift doesn’t necessarily mean an increase in size. With this procedure, sagging breasts due to loose skin can be made firm and plump. The nipple and aeriola can be lifted so that they are more forward facing. Breast lifts are also done when breasts are not the same shape or size.


Whether you want to get Macrolane breast fillers, implants, or a different enhancement, only after consultation with a plastic surgeon can you be sure which method of breast enhancement is right for you. Make sure the surgeon you choose is an expert in the procedure you want to have.

  5 Tricks Singaporeans Can Use to Lose Weight Naturally



Losing weight is by far one of the hardest goals people have today. This is because the environment people live in today is bombarded with unhealthy lifestyle choices. This ranges from the food they eat, the sedentary lifestyle they practice and the bad habits they do like smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages.


In fact, the World Health Organization has reported a sharp increase in people who are overweight or obese in the last two decades. The number of people has nearly doubled between 1980 and 2008. Of course, the rates could have increased in the last 8 years.


In Singapore alone, the National Health Survey in 2010 reports that about 11 percent of adults were obese. This increased from 7 percent in 2004.  There are many ways to lose weight today. However, it’s always better to shed those extra pounds naturally.  Here are 5 tricks to lose weight the natural way.


  1. Burn What You Eat

    When we say burn, it means regularly exercising. Physical activity is a powerful tool against obesity. The amount of food you consume are in the form of calories. Hence, you should burn these calories to have a balance between what you take in and what you burn.


For instance, you ate a large cheeseburger for lunch and it’s 200 calories, you should add an extra kilometer on your jogging route or add another 30 minutes to your daily exercise.

One predicament Singaporeans face is the lack of means to exercise in the city. First, almost every part of the country is connected with a train station. Thus, when you want to visit another part of the city, all you need to do is ride the train and you’re already there.

To solve this, a lot of fitness centers are present in the area. So, if you’re determined to burn those extra fats, it’s better to enroll in a local fitness gym, a Zumba class or any physical activity you can do during your free time. Jogging is a good activity in the city too, as long as it’s not during midday where the temperatures can surge to extreme highs.  pi-3-simple-ways-to-eat-healthy-everyday

2. Eat Healthy 

You can eat healthily if you stock up on healthy options. There are numerous studies that have linked the food you keep in your home to your eating habits. Hence, if you have healthy options at home, chances are, you’ll eat healthy meals too. Also, by keeping healthy food always available, it will reduce the chances of you eating fast food or processed food.  One of the best ways to lose weight the natural way is to choose alternative health food and drinks in Singapore. These are designed to help you receive nourishment without taking a toll on your needed calorie intake. Scrumptious meals can now be enjoyed without consuming too many calories, which may lead to obesity.

3. Hydrate 

Drinking adequate water daily is one way to lose weight. This is because, sometimes, the body perceives thirst as hunger. If you are well-hydrated, this will reduce the risk of eating more than the required amount of food per day. When you’re hungry, try drinking water first. If it goes away, it’s definitely thirst. If not, you’re indeed hungry.   Hydration is important in a country like Singapore. With a tropical climate, it’s relatively humid and warm in the country throughout the year. Thus, it’s important to drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water a day.

4. Limit Your Sugar Intake 

Added sugars are the culprits in obesity and one chronic disease, diabetes type II. When you eat more than the required amount of sugar per day, it could lead to various diseases including heart disease, diabetes, and cancer.  Added sugars are mostly seen in sweetened juices or carbonated drinks like sodas. This is one predicament people in Singapore face. With a very warm temperature, they are attracted to drink sodas, juices, and sugary drinks. These are all fattening and excessive sugar intake may lead to Type 2 diabetes. It’s important to choose drinks with less or no calories at all like water.   junkfood_dailysquib

5. Skip Processed And Junk Foods 

Skipping salty junk foods may help you reduce weight. Aside from that, you will prevent the occurrence of high blood pressure or hypertension, one of the culprits in many chronic diseases. Processed foods and junk foods are filled with too many salts that can surely harm your body and aid in weight gain.  Losing weight is a hard task. However, with motivation and perseverance, you can achieve your goal in losing the excess weight and achieve a normal weight. There are a lot of people who needs to be pushed in order for them to take action on their obesity problem. The thing is, it’s better to act now than be sorry in the future. Obesity is one of the risk factors for a lot of potentially-fatal diseases like cancer, heart attack, and stroke. Hence, maintaining a normal and healthy weight is important.If you are motivated to succeed, go ahead and start to lose weight in Singapore today.

LASIK: What You Should Know Before, During, and After

Laser Eye Surgery

LASIK Eye Surgery is a well-established procedure that is done to fix the vision of people suffering from shortsightedness, farsightedness, and even astigmatism. It works by using a highly focused light beam to reshape the cornea and properly focus the light entering the eye to the retina.

Many LASIK surgery clinics in Singapore perform this extremely safe procedure because of the number of advantages it can provide to the patients. If you are among the many that are considering LASIK, read ahead for things to expect from this highly effective eye surgery.

eye surgeon to examine your eyes further

   Before the surgery

The doctor will perform initial tests to evaluate your vision because it is very important that you are deemed fit for this procedure. After this, you will need to meet an eye surgeon to examine your eyes further. Make sure that you’ve had thorough talks with your doctor, and that the entire procedure is clear to you. This is your chance to ask all the questions you have in mind regarding LASIK eye surgery such as the risks and benefits, and what eye products you should stop using.

Lasik surgery falling out of favor with patients

During the surgery

LASIK is done as an outpatient procedure due to the short time needed to complete it, which is only about 30 minutes. A numbing drop will be applied to your eye and the area surrounding your eye will be cleaned. A lid speculum will be used to hold your lids open.

During the procedure, expect slight pressure and a very mild blurring of your vision as the laser reshapes the cornea. You will be asked to stare steadily and directly at a light. The most important thing is to make sure that you keep your eye fixed throughout the procedure.

After the surgery

After the surgery

You will be asked to wear an eye shield to keep you from rubbing your eyes and to keep other debris from entering. This is important because you will experience mild discomfort such as itching right after the surgery. Your vision may also be a bit blurry and your eyes will feel like there is something in them. Resist the urge to touch it because your eye hasn’t properly healed yet.

The LASIK Eye Surgery is a guaranteed safe and effective eye procedure, and the healing will start almost immediately after the surgery. To protect your eye from damage, refrain from playing sports and performing any strenuous activity for the next month. Also, make sure that you visit your doctor regularly and report any improvement in your vision.

Understanding Colorectal Cancer:  Causes, Symptoms And Treatment

colon-cancer-screeningColorectal cancer happens when malignant cells or tumors form in the lining of the large intestine and rectum. The risk of having colorectal cancer increases after a person reaches 50 years old. In Singapore alone, colorectal cancer is the number one type of cancer affecting men (17.2%), and the second one in women (13.3%), next to breast cancer.

This type of cancer has a good prognosis as long as it was detected early. In fact, a new study says that 90 percent of colorectal cancers can be cured if diagnosed in time. Thus, it is important to know the causes, symptoms and potential treatment options for this type of cancer.bigstock_Colon_cancer_18025796

Causes Of Colorectal Cancer

There are many risk factors for colorectal cancer that may predispose some people to the disease. Some of the risk factors that can be modified include being overweight or obese, sedentary lifestyle, diets high in meat and processed meat, smoking, and heavy alcohol use.

However, there are certain risk factors that increase your risk of developing colorectal cancer but you can’t change them no matter what you do. These include being older, family history of colorectal cancer, personal history of colorectal polyps, having an inherited syndrome and past history of inflammatory bowel disease.colorectal_cancer_s1_illustartion_of_colon

Signs And Symptoms Of Colorectal Cancer

Just like gastric or stomach cancer, the symptoms of colorectal cancer vary depending on the location of the tumor. During the early stages of the disease, some people may be asymptomatic or they won’t feel any symptoms. However, as the disease progresses, some symptoms may appear like diarrhea or constipation, narrow stools, rectal bleeding, pain in the abdomen, pain during bowel movements and changes in stool consistency.

Other late symptoms include fatigue, weakness, unexplained weight loss, anemia and irritable bowel syndrome.colon-Cancer3

Colorectal Cancer Treatment

Colorectal cancer has a wide spectrum of treatment options. In the treatment of colorectal cancer, a multidisciplinary team of experts works together to improve the prognosis of the patient. The team includes  a medical oncologist, a surgeon, a radiation oncologist, and a gastroenterologist.

There are three treatment options and these include surgical operation, radiation therapy, and chemotherapy. Also, it’s important to note that the treatment may also vary depending on the stage of cancer.

Colorectal cancer is a serious and life-threatening disease. However, early diagnosis is important since it may improve one’s chances of recovery. One of the most important factors is to always seek medical help whenever you experience any of these symptoms.

5 Effective Ways To  Boost Employee Engagement In Your Company



The benefits of employee engagement in the workplace are huge. Happy employees in every company produce better results. However, finding quick strategies to enhance employee engagement can be a challenge. Here are a few simple ways that leaders can implement to improve employee engagement in the company.


  1. Screen new hires. Every company should make sure the new staff member about to be hired fit in with the team culture. When people work together, it’s important to ensure they have varying skills to avoid anything that might slow down productivity. Interviewing each new employee is the best way to gauge how they can fit with other staff within the workplace.


  1. Develop volunteer initiatives. Initiating volunteer work activities can add great value to team engagement. Research shows 93% of employees who volunteered with their leaders reported being happy at the workplace. Check Google or your local listing to find whether there are charities in which your company can volunteer.


  1. Recognise employee accomplishments. Employees can’t stay in a company where they are not appreciated. Leaders should constantly check whether their staff has achieved something major that needs praise. Stepping by your worker’s desk or treating them with a small token can make your workers feel much appreciated.o-WORK-LIFE-BALANCE-facebook


  1. Emphasise work-life balance. Being worked too hard is a pressing issue that employees frequently complain about. As a leader, you should make sure nobody is overworked. If you notice someone is overwhelmed with a lot of work, do something to get them back on track. Chat with your staff frequently to know how they are going about in their work. Keep the hiring loop on to minimise the risk of the company being short-staffed.Canon_Watercooler-friendships_large


  1. Encourage workplace friendships. Workers who have people they can talk to in the workplace appear much happier. Set up after-work happy hours in which workers can socialise together in a comfortable setting. Bring your team together for lunch–anything to bond their friendship around the workplace more.


Leaders of any company can agree that enhancing employee engagement is usually a long-term project. The suggestions listed above are easy to adapt and implement. And if that’s not enough, see Aon Hewitt’s factors for employee engagement to help you cultivate better employee-employer relationships within your organization.

What expats should know about renting a place in Singapore


Visiting a new country can be a daunting task for any person but if you are preparing to move or relocate for work or to build a new life, then comes a whole new slew of challenges.

The first and foremost in most minds is looking for a place to live. This priority cannot be understated as it will determine the quality of life for the rest of your stay. Before you embark on a search for apartments for rent in Singapore, it may be helpful to know a few things.Singapore-tropical-apartment-for-rent

  1. It’s not difficult to rent a place in Singapore

If you are a first-timer is that there really isn’t a very complicated process or complex documents for you to fill out as a tenant. Singapore is very receptive to people coming in, as the tiny Southeast Asian nation is quite dependent on foreigners for its workforce and economy.

The area and size of the country also means that land is scarce and housing development tends to go upwards. This means that rather than traditional stand alone type housing such as terraces or even bungalows, you are most likely to be renting an apartment type housing, especially as a foreigner.3648

  1. You can rent government developed social housing

The good news for foreigners is that since 2015, they are also able to access state-built housing by the Singapore Housing and Development Board (HDB) under the Ministry of Development. Previously, these type of properties were not available to them.

The main difference between state-built properties and private ones is of course the vast difference in cost. HDB apartments, which four out of five Singaporeans live in, are much more affordable to own or rent.

While private properties such as fully serviced apartments and condominiums boast facilities such as swimming pools, modern gyms and extended event facilities available for private rental, social housing will not offer these perks. On the other hand, HDB apartments always have nearby playgrounds and community centres also built by the government. Supermarkets, all manners of stores and even health clinics are also nearby social housing. In other words, living in social housing can mean more interaction and better integration with other residents.

Rental agreements can differ, but generally contracts are for at least a year, and the tenant should pay a stamp duty. Expect a security deposit to be at least a month’s rent and an agent fee (if you use one) of about half a month’s rent.apartment-24

  1. Owning your own apartment is not a bad idea

While renting is probably the best way to start your new life in Singapore (or if you are a young local), you may want to think about buying your home in the future, either as an investment or for your own family’s future.

As a foreigner, you will be restricted to buying foreign properties – although if you have been a Permanent Resident for at least three years, you even now have the option to purchase HDB housing under the HDB resale programme (meaning you buy from an existing owner).

In short, the process of renting an apartment is not difficult and there are plenty of options to look at. It’s also entirely possible for you to convert from a renter to owner in the future.

5 Tips When Buying Furniture Online in Singapore

Moving to a new apartment or wanting to acquire new furniture pieces? No problem. There is a trouble free way is to get online furniture in Singapore. We list down tips to buy furniture from the comforts of your own home.

Image result for Buying Furniture Online

  1. Read reviews. Apart from browsing comments from the shop’s website itself, make sure to read blogs and other review websites about a particular online furniture shop. Research thoroughly, especially if you plan to get pieces from a certain shop. If you have family and friends who have bought items from any online store, listen to their feedback.
  2. Check the photos and descriptions. Whether you be buying a couch, a mattress, a shelf, or any furniture at all, online shops have a front, back, side, and detailed shots of the different pieces that they sell. If you are sure on an item, double check on its descriptions, from here you will learn from what material is it made of, where is it made, and other important stuff.
  1. Verify the colors. The picture may differ depending on the contrast or brightness of the computer or mobile phone that you use. With that, you also have to know that the furniture pieces you may like on your computer may have a different hue or tone in actuality. If you can request for a swatch of a fabric or a sample of the finish to get a look or a feel, better.
  2. Confirm the size. Another important thing to consider is if it will fit in your apartment. Survey the dimensions of the pieces that you put on your online basket. Are they too big or too small for your space? Another thing to measure is if the item can fit into a door or a stairwell.
  3. Check the online shop’s services. Does the furniture shop deliver for free? Do they assemble closets and other items once it arrives? Do they have a return policy? How long do they honor it?

Shopping online gives people the convenience of not having to leave their homes. However, if you can still visit the showroom of the furniture store so that you may get a feel of the texture, see the color, and have a know of how big is the stuff. We hope that list above can help you get online furniture in Singapore.


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