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5 Things Burglars Look Out for in Target Homes

The thought of someone casing out your home with the intentions of breaking in are unsettling to say the least, but actually getting your home broken into is on another level of unsettling. Burglars likely have done the deed plenty of times and have a system developed, made up of certain characteristics of homes that they look for, which they know will make their job a lot easier and will give them a higher propensity of getting away. However, there are some things that you can do that will sway burglars away from attempting to break into your home and some tactics you can implement to insure that your home and your family are safe. Here are some things that thieves will look for when assessing whether they want to break into your home or not.

Vacancy of Residence

Burglars will always look for an empty home, as a house that is free of residents is by far the easiest way to get away with their crimes. They will assess your home and may make several stops by to check on the regular activity. They will look for cars in the driveway, lights on in the home, television or radio sounds coming from the home and all other indicators that people are present.

Closed Windows

Although the majority of people close their windows when they go on vacation, in an attempt to deter potential thieves from breaking into their home after realizing that they are likely out of town, most thieves actually look for this and hone in on it, due to the fact that they can be fairly certain you are not home.

Mail and Newspaper

If you have mail and newspaper stacking up, you can bet that a thief is going to see this while scoping various areas and make your home a target. Nothing says break into my home more and take what you want then stacked up mail or newspapers on the driveway, which indicate to everyone present that no one has been in the house for a while.

Easy Access

Burglars want the easiest job possible and will generally target homes that have easy access points. This can come in the form of open doors and windows, which the criminal has noticed are regularly open, or it can come in the form of an entry point to your home which is not safeguarded well.

Security Systems

Although a great deal of burglars are well adept to dismantling and disabling security systems to prevent them from going off when they are on your property, having an alarm monitoring system on your home is a great way to let burglars know that you are prepared and that their job is going to be more difficult.

Most people are not at home all the time it just isn’t practical to go out and get security guards or hire someone to protect your home when you aren’t there. Because of this, you should be aware of how burglars think and take active measures to insure that you have made it as hard as possible if they do decide to target your home.

Renting the Perfect HDB Flat in Singapore for You and Your Family

HDB rentals in Singapore provide affordable, quality living spaces to all Singaporeans. Finding the perfect HDB flat doesn’t have to be difficult. By knowing what you want, how much you want to spend and where you want your home to be, you can begin a successful search for the perfect living environment for you and your family.

hdb property singapore

 HDB in Singapore

How to Begin Your Search for the Perfect HDB Flat

search propertyThe best way to begin your search for a rental in Singapore is through a housing agency. Housing agents have very large, inclusive databases of available property, and your rental agent will be able to find you an apartment that best suits you needs based on location and price. Just because an HDB rental flat is controlled by the Housing Development Body, it can still provide you with the perfect place to call your own everyday at an affordable price. It is extremely important to work with a realtor that you trust and believe in. You and your realtor should have an open line of communication as well about what your expectations are. With those key elements in mind, there are several keys to making your search a successful one.


Keeping Finances Under Control during Your Search for a Rental



Renting in Singapore can be expensive because of the high demand and lack of space. So, shop wisely and compare prices. When you are working with your realtor, don’t budge from the price that you quote. Realtors are salespeople and naturally will try to bump your budget up. Choose a dollar amount that you want to pay and don’t move from it. Studio apartments and one-bedroom flats will be easier to find than larger living spaces to accommodate a family.

Knowing that you are seeking a rental in a very competitive market, consider all of your options when you begin your search. You may be able to choose from condominiums, semi-detached terrace houses, apartment buildings or from the many other HDB varied options available. Apartments in downtown Singapore are generally going to cost more than HDB living spaces which are built to accommodate residents efficiently and affordably. Don’t sign any type of lease agreement until you’ve explored all possible options within your budget.

Closing the Deal and Moving In

contractWhen you do locate the place that you want to live, there are several steps to take before your rental agent will hand you the keys. The lease is the most important step because it legally defines your landlord’s responsibilities as well
as what you can expect as the tenant. These terms are agreed upon by both parties before signing. As part of the lease agreement, you will probably be asked to pay a security deposit, usually equal to one month’s rent. When you vacate the premises and you have left it in the same condition that you found it, this deposit is refundable. Upon taking possession of your new flat, make sure that you inventory any property or furniture that is in the apartment as well as the condition.

Here’s the 10 tips on decoration for a rental home:

decorate rental house infographics

How To Decorate Your Bedroom With Style

The bedroom is the most personal room in your home. This is also the place where you store your most personal items. The bedroom is where you should feel relaxed and able to get the restful sleep you need. Decorating the bedroom is a reflection of your style and taste. You can buy bedroom furniture in Malaysia at great prices. Choose from a variety of standard, sleigh and platform beds available in different sizes.

platform beds available in different sizes

Interior Design Guide

The first step in decorating the bedroom is to ask yourself a few questions. Do you like bold patterns and colors or small prints? Does clutter really bother you? Choose a decorating scheme based on your taste and budget. If you collect interesting items, you will want to display them inside a curio that matches your bedroom furniture.

Decorating is all about balance and proportion when arranging your bedroom furniture. A combination of surface designs will define your space. Decorating with accessories is the last step in the design process. Accessories should coordinate with the color of the furniture and walls.

Budget Bedroom Makeovers

Small changes can have a big effect on your bedroom. New paint, draperies and accessories do not cost a lot of money and can make your bedroom appear larger. Avoid placing too many pieces of furniture in your bedroom, especially if the space is small. Consider learning how to sew and make your own duvet cover and pillows. There are patterns available for beginners that make it quick and easy. The key is to take accurate measurements and use caution when cutting fabric.

Wood Furniture Maintenance

Many people are using caution when using toxic cleaning products. The best way to keep your wood furniture looking beautiful is to apply a few drops of olive oil to a clean cloth and wipe it down. Test an inconspicuous spot before applying all over the furniture. Olive oil is a natural ingredient that will not cause toxic fumes in your bedroom. Of course, you do not have to oil your furniture every day. Just use a clean cloth to wipe off the best and occasionally use oil.

There are other ways to clean your home using natural products. You can make an inexpensive wood cleaner using one-half cup of lemon juice, one-teaspoon liquid castile soap and four drops of essential oil. Place all ingredients inside a spray bottle and use to clean your furniture. Wipe off with a dry cloth until there is no remaining moisture.

Furniture Buying Tips

Choose wood furniture that will comfortably fit in your bedroom. Do not crowd the space with furniture you do not need. Most bedrooms can accommodate a dresser, mirror, bed, nightstands and dresser. Anything beyond this may make your bedroom look too cluttered. Accessories such as wallcoverings should coordinate with the room’s decorating scheme. Your bedroom should be a place where you can read and relax. Add a reading chair in your bedroom if you have enough room. Decorating the bedroom is a project that can be completed in one weekend.

Simple Things You Can Do To Keep Your Used Mercedes Running Efficiently

Mercedes is one of the most recognised brands of cars in the world. The cars are such high quality that they are popular even as used vehicles. They are a good choice whether you need a car just for yourself or for an entire family. They are spacious, filled with features and comfortable. You can do a few simple things to ensure that your used Mercedes runs efficiently for as long as possible.

Follow Everything in the Owner’s Manual

A Mercedes is created as a precision vehicle. Everything you need to know about the car is printed in the owner’s manual. You need to follow everything that is in the manual. If the used vehicle does not come with a manual, then you can likely get one online or from Mercedes. Follow all the recommendations and do not disregard any warnings in order keep the car running efficiently.

Run the Air Conditioner Periodically

The air conditioning system in a pre-owned Mercedes needs to be treated a little differently than in other vehicles. If the air conditioner is not used for a long time, then the hoses could become dry. This will cause cracking and potentially refrigerant leaks. You can stop this by running the air conditioner for about 10 minutes every one to two weeks even if you do not need it. This also helps the air conditioner to run more efficiently when it is eventually used.

Change the Oil More Often Than Normal

The oil in a second-hand Mercedes needs to be monitored very carefully. The oil is responsible for keeping the most critical parts of the car running smoothly. Mercedes used cars require a little more oil than most drivers are used to dealing with. This is why you need to check the oil in the car on a regular basis. Every one to two months is good. Replace the oil when it starts to get low in order to maximise the efficiency of your used car. This will also prevent damage from debris that could appear in the oil.

Tire Pressure Is Important

Although Mercedes does not make the tires on your used car, the tires can have a major impact on performance, safety and efficiency. Tire pressure is very important when you drive a pre-owned Mercedes. You want to maintain the exact tire pressure listed in the owner’s manual. Check the pressure every two to four weeks depending on how much you drive. This will protect your transmission and brakes while also reducing fuel use. Tire pressure is key to keeping your used Mercedes running efficiently.

Consider Shades for the Windows

Mercedes second-hand cars usually still have the exquisite interiors that people expect from this brand. Something that can be very damaging for the interior of the vehicle over time is sunlight and heat. It can cause cracking or other problems. Consider putting shades in the windows when the car is parked in the sun. The shades will block ultraviolet light and preserve the interior.

Get the Mercedes Services Annually

Your pre-owned Mercedes was designed to receive regular service from a professional. A trained mechanic will be able to make minor adjustments to the different components to ensure they are all working as intended. You should take your Mercedes in for service annually or if problems appear suddenly. Annual service ensures that your Mercedes is tuned and working as efficiently as possible. It also prevents unexpected damage and wear in the future.

A Mercedes can be an invaluable asset because of the construction of the car and the dedication of the manufacturer. You do not need to do extensive work on the vehicle just to keep it running. Doing these few simple things will ensure your second-hand Mercedes runs efficiently for as long as you need it.

7 Steps For Buying Property In Singapore That Will Help You

This article will help you understand how to purchase a property for sale in Singapore. It lists seven essential steps for making a property purchase in Singapore.

1 Make a list of requirements for your desired property.

Write down some of the features your desired property should have. This would help narrow down the search. You could also give this list to your property agent. This would help him find the property for you. Writing this list could save you a lot of time.

2 Find a property agent.

This is important that you a find a property agent you can trust. Since most agents in Singapore share the same portfolio of rental properties, having more than one agent would cause you confusion. Moreover, an agent can help you understand any legal requirements.

3 Prepare 1% of the purchase price.

This would allow you to make a purchase of your chosen property for sale in Singapore for 14 days since the day you have given this money. If you have decided to buy the property within these 14 days, then you can buy it by signing the document and giving it to the seller’s solicitor along with 4% to 9% of the price.

4 Finalize the purchase process.

Seller’s solicitor is going to finalize the sale in 10 weeks. He will do so by lodging a caveat. Then, if a loan is required, he will have to work with the financial institution from which a loan is requested. During these 10 weeks, you can do another inspection of the property. It is a good idea to check all the furniture and bring with yourself a qualified individual who can give you a second opinion about the overall state of property.

5 Prepare 3% of the purchase price.

After you have signed the purchase agreement, you have 14 days to pay 3% of the purchase price to Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore, if the sum of your transaction is higher than $300,000. You also have to pay this organization 15% of the purchase price as stamp duty. You also have to pay your solicitor $3,000 transaction fee.

6 Secure a bank loan.

Banks in Singapore have lending interest rates that rival those of other Asian banks. Hong Kong’s prime lending rate, for example, is 6.5%. Singapore’s prime lending rate, on the other hand, is 3.5%. Moreover, you can receive a Singaporean bank loan for up to 80% of the property price. Most of the time that figure is 70%, however. So the foreigner like you can get a loan with just 30% of the property price.

7 Pay property tax.

Singaporean law requires that you pay property tax every year. You calculate this amount by multiplying tax rate on the annual value of property. Annual rent of property is the annual value. Ten percent is the property tax rate in Singapore, but you can always apply for a special rate of 4%.

We hope this article has given you a solid understanding of property purchase process in Singapore. We also welcome you to leave any comments, either with questions or your own experiences related to property purchase in Singapore.

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