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6 Awesome Ways to Reinvent Your Detox Diet: Cleansing Inside and Out

When it comes to being in your best shape, the detox diet is one of the most popular ways. The advantage is not limited to weight loss only, but also to keeping your overall health in check. It has grown in popularity because of its simplicity and effectiveness. Aside from making you look good, cleansing your body of toxins can make you feel good from the inside as well.

If you are looking for a body detox that works, or you simply want to reinvent your detox regimen, below are 6 things you can do.

1) Mix It UpCombine a juice cleanse and drink to detox your body

Combining several methods to detoxify your body can give you faster and more noticeable results. As an example, if you combine a juice cleanse and regular visits to a spa or a detox clinic, you may notice the difference in your physical state even in just a few days. You can also combine different ingredients, or do a different cleanse on alternate weeks. This way, you will not feel like being “forced” to be on a strict diet.

2) Perfect TimingFind the perfect timing to meal and sleep to detox body

Eat at least 3 hours before going to bed so you can improve the quality of your sleep. While sleeping, your liver goes into full operation to detoxify your system, but it will not reach its full potential if your sleep cycle is off. You can try using apps that promote good sleep cycles and plan your meals in line with your sleeping schedule.

3) Less is more
Lovely detox drinks to detox your body

Consider simple methods like a 2-ingredient detox drink, or a one-session-per-week detox package. Find a detox plan that you can commit to and do at your own pace, and you should be alright. Complicated plans don’t always mean the best, especially if you can’t follow them consistently.

4) Try SmoothiesSmoothies is refreshing and detox your body

If you don’t have a lot of time to prepare intricate meals for detox, try making some smoothies instead. Smoothies are an easy way to get your daily dose of fruits and/or vegetables. As you may know, this has a lot of health benefits aside from helping your body eliminate toxins.

5) Scrub, scrub, scrubLemon can be used to detox body and scrub

Lemon is a really good ingredient to integrate into your detox diet. After juicing the lemons you need for your diet recipes, take the peel and remaining pulp and use it as a body scrub. This will help you get clear skin, and at the same time will allow your body to release toxins naturally.

6) Stay HydratedStay hydated is easiest way to detox body

Drink plenty of water during your diet. Better yet, integrate your detox plan into your hydrating habits. If you are not really a fan of drinking plain water,  a simple lemon-infused water may help. Replenishing water in your body regularly ensures that your internal organs work properly to flush out toxins.

Once you have decided to go on a detox diet, you can also adjust your lifestyle to minimize (if not eliminate) toxins in your body. You can control your alcohol intake, do sports, or go on a vacation to relax your mind and body. Whatever detox plan you choose, you can be assured that it will be a good way to look after your health.

6 Expert Tips for Hosting an Elegant and Classy Holiday Party on a Budget

Image result for 6 Expert Tips for Hosting an Elegant and Classy Holiday Party on a BudgetDifferent countries have different practices and traditions when it comes to celebrating the holidays. For those in Singapore, Christmas is spent mostly in the city with shopping and fine dining as the most common celebrations.

While spending time with your loved ones over a fancy meal seems like a great way to bond over the holidays, not everyone has the financial flexibility to splurge on something that costly. This Yuletide season, host your own elegant dinner at home by following these budget-friendly tips.

  1. Elaborate Your Neutrals – Your table arrangement will play a huge role in setting the tone for the entire dinner, so be sure to make it look as elegant as possible. Don’t worry – you don’t need to spend on expensive plates and silverware to get the right aesthetic. Start off with neutrals that you already have such as plain, solid colored plates, bowls, and glasses. You can then embellish them with decorative napkins you can buy at your local grocery store.
  2. Lighten Up – Candles can add an instant touch of sophistication and class to any dinner table. Although expensive candles in colorful and detailed containers seem like a great way to add decorative appeal to your set-up, you can buy small white candles in clear glass containers to bring a simple yet elegant look to your overall ambiance. Don’t forget to light them up and place them a safe distance away from guests’ plates.
  3. Go for Personal – It takes a little to make seats around your table more personal, but the effort goes a long way. Designating each person a chair instead of having everyone clumsily figure out where they should sit will make your dinner more comfortable for everyone. Singaporeans tend to appreciate that kind of thoughtfulness in their dinner hosts. Plus, adding name tags or name cards on top of plates will make the entire occasion just feel a little more formal.Related image
  4. Invest in Good Food and Drinks – Of course, it’s mostly the food you prepare that will decide whether or not your efforts will lead towards success. If you don’t trust your own cooking skills, you can hire affordable caterers in your area for guaranteed good food. It’s also common for people to opt for wine delivery in Singapore instead of buying in stores because of the wide selection available online.Image result for Add an Arrangement – Floral arrangements make the perfect centerpieces for elegant dinner parties because they’re affordable.
  5. Add an Arrangement – Floral arrangements make the perfect centerpieces for elegant dinner parties because they’re affordable. You also don’t need too many to make a space look well decorated. Be sure they’re not too big that they obstruct anyone’s view of the person across from them. Also, try not to overdo it with too many colors.
  6. Soft, Sophisticated Music – Playing some classical music in the background on low volumes while you enjoy your meal will tie everything together and mimic an actual fine dining feel. Choose your playlist and have enough tracks on your player to soothe your guests throughout the night.

A classy holiday party doesn’t have to be expensive. Throw the best Christmas dinner party with sophistication and style by trying out these expert tips.

4 Creative Gift Ideas to Wow That Posh Person on Your Christmas List

We all have that friend – the one who’s always up to date with the latest fashion, beauty, and makeup trends. You’ve probably listened to them go on and on for hours about the ins and outs of beauty, style, and skincare. You may have even watched their elaborate skincare routine as they got prepped before your lunch date or when they touched up at the end of the meal.

Now that the holidays are coming up, you might already have an idea what you want to give this friend for Christmas. But scan their makeup kit or their skincare products and you might just wonder – what’s missing? For that forever posh friend on your Christmas list, these creative gift ideas should be the perfect pick.

Image result for Perfume Pendant

  1. Perfume Pendant – Yes, you read that right. Designer scents are now taking their packaging to a whole new level. It’s likely your posh friend doesn’t yet have a perfume bottle hanging around her neck, but if she already does, a second one shouldn’t hurt. These blissfully beautiful pendant-sized bottles are designed to hold just enough perfume to keep that fragrant scent alive throughout the busy workday. Even better? They’re made to look absolutely stunning – perfect for everyday looks and even dressy occasions.Image result for Electric Pedicure Device
  2. Electronic Pedicure Device – Forget the hundred dollar nail care service. You can get the same results at home! For your beauty junkie best friend, consider an electronic pedicure device to make caring for feet and prepping for a pedicure just that much easier. Usually, these come bundled with lotions, creams, and serums that make the entire home pedicure experience satisfying, easy, and convenient. Plus, because you might be expecting to have several nights out on the town during the holidays, your posh friend just might need a little extra foot pampering at the end of the day.Image result for Bust Beauty Care Products
  3. Bust Beauty Care Products – Whether or not we want to admit it, the twins do play a role in the way we look. When they’re healthy, nourished, and perky, they’ll make any outfit drape perfectly over our bodies, giving us the ideal silhouette. If you’re not too keen on heading out and buying bust beauty care products face to face, you’re in luck! You can buy a bust beauty care treatment online so you can have the products delivered straight to you. Be sure to consider your friend’s needs before you make a purchase. Do they need a tightening treatment or a lifting treatment? Look into your options and figure out what’s best for your BFF by thinking about their specific needs or preferences.Image result for Skin Care Collection Set with women
  4. Skin Care Collection Set – Some products just work better when they’re used together. So instead of buying a single face wash, body scrub, or exfoliating mask, why not get them all together as one elaborate set? A skin care collection set can impress even the most discriminating of beauty junkies as long as you make the right pick. Read about ingredients, learn about the process of using them, and consider whether all the different products will be beneficial for your recipient.

Your posh friend might be the beauty savvy one in your group, but that doesn’t mean you have to lag behind when it comes to gift giving. Wow that friend with one of these creative gift ideas to make their holiday extra special and glamorous!

How To Prevent Knee Injuries (And A Quick Fix For Them)



The knees are one of the most injury-prone joints in our bodies. They help us walk, run, jump and climb so any pain in the knees could be cause for discomfort or even immobility in extreme cases. Knee injuries tend to happen more frequently to older people due to a loss of lubricating fluid in the knee joints but younger people active in sports also face a higher risk of getting their knees injured.

If you want to prevent knee injuries, read on these simple tips and learn an effective way to treat them:


  1. Protect your knees


If you’re an outdoors-loving person or active in “high-impact” sports such as running or mountain climbing, be aware of exposing your knees to frequent impact. First and foremost, this means wearing appropriate footwear for running and landing on hard surfaces. Look for shoes with cushioned support or purchase sports-specific add-ons such as gel in soles. This help minimize the jolts your knees absorb and reduce the risk of injury.


  1. Get all your nutrients


One of the most common causes of knee pains is the loss of lubricant known as synovial fluid in your knee joints, which occurs naturally with age. This fluid also provides nutrients to cartilage so less of it means weaker cartilage. Sports medicine studies have shown that people who do not take the recommended dose of Vitamin C face a higher risk of osteoporosis, while many osteoarthritis patients have Vitamin E deficiency.


  1. Adopt a healthy posture


Your knee posture is especially important when bending or lifting. Keep your back straight, bending knees and hips to lift objects below waist level. Keep feet and knees spread to shoulder-width apart for balance and don’t lock your knees. This avoids putting the strain on your lower back and knees. If you spend most of your working time sitting at a desk, bend your knees at a right angle, slightly higher than your hips, with ankles slightly in front of your knees. Avoid crossing your legs for too long as this places pressure on and blocks blood circulation to your spine and legs.

Injured your knee? Use the “ICE” method


If you suffer from a serious knee injury you should always seek medical treatment, as a doctor’s diagnosis can be much more accurate with the aid of X-ray scans. Nevertheless, immediate treatment can help alleviate pain while also preventing further damage.


One of the easiest and most effective treatments for knee pain is the three-step “ICE” treatment, which stands for Ice, Compression, and Elevation. First, apply ice or a cold pack to the injured knee. Follow this up with compressing the area with elastic bandaging. Finally, elevate your knee using a pillow while lying down. The ICE method aims to reduce swelling and reduce stress until you are able to obtain medical assistance.

However, don’t be fooled into thinking that the best way to protect your knees is to not use them. Healthy knees rely on positive movement with good posture while avoiding high-impact shocks.

Eye Health Guide: Benefits And Disadvantages of Lasik Eye Surgery


LASIK laser eye surgery

LASIK laser eye surgery, loosely translated as laser in-situ keratomileusis, is the most common laser eye treatment for correcting vision impairments. In Singapore alone, different studies show that at least 100,000 people a year have undergone this procedure. In this procedure, the doctor cuts across the cornea and lifts a flap of tissue, and continues finding the right focus. LASIK is mostly performed on short-sighted people, long-sighted people, and those with astigmatism. However, many times it doesn’t suit people with strong lens recommendations, such as those with a high degree of short-sightedness.

Benefits of LASIK Laser Eye Surgery  LASIK surgery is an effective procedure, and many patients are satisfied with the new vision after surgery. Sometimes the results acquired after surgery may not last long. Many people experience difficulty seeing at night, so it’s important to wear contact lenses or glasses under such circumstances. Still, there are advantages of undergoing LASIK laser eye surgery. Here they are:

–    This procedure works and is proven to correct impaired vision most of the time

–    People experience very little pain at time of procedure

–    Vision is corrected instantly or the following day after surgery

–    Recovery is fast and no stitches or bandages are required

–    Next eye surgery can take place many years before it’s performed

–    Most patients no longer need corrective eyewear anymore after procedure

Disadvantages of LASIK Laser Eye Surgery  Every medical procedure is associated with risks. Research shows 1 in 3 patients will still wear glasses after laser eye treatment, especially while night driving. Below are some of the most reported problems regarding LASIK eye surgery:

–    Changes made to the cornea are irreversible

–    Adjustments can only be made through further LASIK laser eye treatment

–    Surgery performed is technically complex, which means any error can permanently alter vision

–    Patients can lose their “best” vision with or without glasses, like one year after surgery.

A patient’s “best” vision is the vision a person experiences while wearing glasses or  contact lenses

Many people have experienced impressive results from LASIK surgery. Some have reported regaining full vision. But because the laser treatment may harbor some risks, it’s necessary for each patient to be aware of the potential risks. It’s also important for a patient to make sure he or she is getting treatment at a recognized eye center. Patients seeking LASIK laser eye surgery from experienced practitioners can visit this eye centre in Singapore.

 The 3 Healthiest Oils for Cooking


Cooking healthy has become as important as exercising and taking vitamins. The old adage, you are what you eat, has never rung more true than now. With lifestyle diseases climbing steadily, people all over the world have begun using healthier alternatives to cooking. Oil or fat is one cooking staple which is also an integral part of people’s diets. Good fats are highly-valued and can contribute to overall vascular health. Fat is also necessary in order for some systems in the body to function normally.

Apart from the very popular olive oil, canola oil, soya oil and corn oil, there are other healthy oils you can try. Here are three of them.1

  1. Coconut Oil

The coconut tree is called the tree of life because almost every part of it can be utilized for food or other uses. Coconut oil is another healthy product from coconut trees and it can be consumed as a supplement or used for cooking. Virgin Coconut Oil is ingested by the spoonful as a remedy for a variety of ailments. It is also a very flavorful oil to cook with, with its natural nutty and toasted flavor. It is sometimes used as a substitute for butter in baked dishes because of its rich consistency.2

  1. Peanut Oil

Peanut oil has been used for hundreds of years in Asian cooking. It is valued for its high boiling point and very flavorsome taste. This oil is great for deep drying as well as simple stir fries. You don’t need a lot of it for your food to taste good. Peanut oil is also rich in good cholesterol, so it is considered one of the good sources of fat. It is easy to find in most groceries, especially in Asian food stores.3

  1. Sunflower Oil

Sunflower oil is another healthy cooking alternative. It has been used for decades and is prized for its toasty, nutty flavor. Sunflower oil is naturally high in Vitamin E, which is why it is also used in cosmetic products. It also has a high smoking point like peanut oil, and is good for deep frying various dishes. Next to olive oil, sunflower oil is highly favored in vegetarian dishes and food preparation. It isn’t difficult to find too, as you can get it at a local store. Alternatively, you can also buy sunflower oil online and have it delivered right at your doorstep.

These are just three of the healthy oils you can try at home. Changing the oil that you cook with may seem like an insignificant step, but it contributes to your overall health in a big way. Consuming more of the healthy fats keep bad cholesterol at bay and also gives you healthy, glowing skin.

Engage Your Employees Right! Here Are 3 Team Building Ideas That Don’t Suck

Business sale


A business’ success often depends on how employees co-operate with each other. If your employees communicate, motivate each other, develop problem-solving skills, and set their own egos aside, your company can boost its performance and productivity.

Encouraging a group of people to work together may seem a difficult task. This is where team building comes in, and it doesn’t have to be complicated. Here are some ideas you may consider to plan group activities in Singapore.




You can host a team building that is similar to the popular TV series

  1. The Amazing Race

You can host a team building that is similar to the popular TV series, the Amazing Race, where people have to work with each other to win. The idea is to let them work as a team and cooperate with one another to perform and finish the given tasks. The best thing about this is that you can do it even within the city.




The Mine Field

  1. The Mine Field

This activity is excellent for building trust and communication. You can do this by filling up a large space or outdoor field with traps like boxes, chairs, balls, cones, and other objects that will serve as the obstacles. Then group the people and have a representative who will be the “Mine Walker,” who will be blindfolded. The group will instruct the walker to avoid the obstacles and reach the other side of the area to win.




Creating Music Video

  1. Creating Music Video

Making a music video is one way to enhance creativity and synergy of your employees. It is also a great way to bond as it establishes a close relationship with each other. If your video goes viral, your employees could become Internet sensations instantly.


With these ideas in mind, your next team building activities won’t be dull and boring. Be sure to plan group activities in Singapore ahead to create a good working environment in the workplace.

5 Tips To Avoid Bruising And Swelling After Dermal Fillers

Image result for 5 Tips To Avoid Bruising And Swelling After Dermal FillersInjectable cosmetic treatments like Botox, Xeomin, Dysport or dermal fillers are sone of the best ways to fill out your wrinkles and lines and enhance your looks. However, they could also cause major swelling and bruising temporarily. Dermal fillers, in particular, can be invasive. While no injectable treatment can guarantee zero bruising and swelling, there are some tips that you can follow before and after your dermal filler appointment that can reduce the appearances of bruising and swelling, or avoid them completely:

  1. Give yourself time for recovery. Timing is one of the most important aspects of a successful treatment with minimal or no bruising and swelling. Don’t make any major plans two weeks after the treatment to give you ample time for recovery. Depending on how your body reacts to the treatment, you may need less or more time to recover.
  2. Avoid direct sunlight and use sunscreen. Excessive exposure to sunlight could make initial redness and swelling worse. Use sunscreen with broad protection like UVB and UVA with sun protection factor (SPF) of 30 or more. Different skin tone will require different SPF. Wear protective clothing and hat when you have to be outside.Image result for Avoid direct sunlight and use sunscreen
  3. Avoid painkillers. Painkilling medications can stun platelets, the cells which help to stop bruising and bleeding when your capillaries and blood vessels have been damaged. You’re far more likely to get bruises and swelling if your platelets aren’t working properly to seal off tiny capillaries disrupted during treatments. Avoid medications like Panadol and cold medicine for a week before and after your treatment. Should you require a medication for your pain, take Tylenol instead.Image result for Avoid painkillers
  4. Take anti-numbing supplements or use numbing cream. There are two supplements which you can take called Bromelain and Arnica. Bromelain is formulated from pineapple-based enzyme that helps to reduce bruising and inflammation, while Arnica is a herbal-based supplement which reduces bleeding. Arnica pills should be taken four days prior to treatment, and four days after. For Bromelain, it should be taken three days before the dermal fillers, and seven days after. Other than supplements, you can also try a numbing cream to prevent further bruising and even pain. Certain anesthetic creams work by constricting blood vessels, minimizing bruises. Ask your injector if you could use a numbing cream during and after treatment.Image result for Take anti-numbing supplements or use numbing cream.
  5. Get treatment only from a certified injector. While this one seems rather obvious, there are too many unqualified injectors out there offering treatments at a bargain price. If it looks to good to be true, it’s best to stay away. Clinics and beauty centers offering treatments at low prices often use counterfeit treatment products. Do a thorough background research before you decide to get your dermal fillers in Singapore to avoid unsuccessful treatment and other problems. Your background research should at least cover the following: what qualifications do they have, what their past experiences are like, and what their clients are saying about the treatment.Image result for Get treatment only from a certified injector.

Before you take any medication, supplement or use a product, always remember to consult with a doctor first.

What Happens After LASIK Surgery? 4 Common Questions, Answered

Lasik Surgery

If you are considering getting a LASIK eye surgery or know someone who already did, here are some recovery facts you need to know. This information could help you make a clear decision if a LASIK treatment is for you.

  • What Should I Expect After The Surgery?

Healing starts almost immediately but some discomforts are expected. Many patients feel like their eyes are itchy or burning after a LASIK treatment. For mild pain, doctors often recommend taking a mild pain reliever. Your eyes will water every now and then. You must resist the urge to rub them. Rubbing could displace the flap. When this happens, you will need to undergo additional treatment.

You may experience some fluctuations and blurred visions for a few weeks even months following the surgery. These are normal and part of the healing process. You may experience periods of dry eyes. Some patients report seeing glares, halos and other distractions in their vision during the six-month period following surgery. These symptoms should decrease in frequency over time.

  • What Precautions Do I Need After A LASIK Surgery?

LASIK-treated eyes are more vulnerable to injuries compared to those who have not gone through the procedure. Doctors advise investing in protective gears for the eyes when handling power tools or doing any activity that could put the eyes in harm’s way.

As a general rule, you should take extra measures to protect your eyes, especially following a LASIK surgery. Even after your eyes have fully recovered, you should keep the habits.

  • How Often Do I Need To See My Doctor After The LASIK Treatment?

Your doctor will check your visual acuity the day after your surgery. This will ensure that your eyes are healing properly. You need to see your doctor regularly in the next six months. This could run longer depending on the success of the operation and your healing process, but this is simply to ensure that your vision is clear and stable.

How Often Do I Need To See My Doctor After The LASIK Treatment


  • Do I Need Further Treatment After A LASIK Surgery?

Some patients may need to undertake a LASIK enhancement procedure if their vision is still bothering them after the six-month period. This procedure aims to sharpen the eyesight. If you do require an enhancement procedure, you need to wait at least six months or as advised by your eye doctor. You cannot do this immediately. The waiting period is to ensure that your eyes have fully recovered from the first surgery.

It’s Time To See Things Clearly

A study found that approximately 30 percent of Singaporean children aged six were short-sighted. Poor vision, regardless of age, can be a major burden for many people. While glasses and contact lenses offer quick solutions, getting back a 20/20 vision is a dream come true for most.

There are many Lasik surgery clinics in Singapore that give people the chance to get back what has been lost through time.

How to Eat Healthier: 4 Alternative Options

The number of people who are overweight and obese all over the world is rising to alarming levels. Weight gain does not only make people fat, it also makes them vulnerable to different diseases and conditions such as Type 2 diabetes, coronary problems, high cholesterol, and so much more.

Exercise helps a lot, but it’s not enough to manage the problem. This is why more and more people are asking where to get healthy meals in Singapore so they could improve their daily meal plans.

Apart from eating a healthy breakfast at home, here are places where you can get healthier meals during the day:

Salad Stops

Salad stop is the hearty and healthy meal

Salads can be filling lunches or dinners too, if you choose the right combination of ingredients. You can add beans, corn, and a couple of slices of potatoes or macaroni to make it hearty and healthy. Some like having a piece of grilled chicken or egg with their salad to make up for the protein requirements. What you should watch out for are the dressings. Mayonnaise has 90 calories per tablespoon, while ranch dressing has 73 calories. A lighter but still tasty option is to use light vinaigrette as your dressing. The light raspberry vinaigrette has only 30 calories per tablespoon. As you go along, you will learn to pick healthier substitutes without sacrificing flavor and taste.

Soup and Sandwich Houses

Soup and Sandwich Houses is filling and healthier meals

Instead of greasy burgers and fatty fries, you can opt for a soup and sandwich meal. Soups are not only filling, but they are also comforting. So when you feel stressed at the end of a long workday, head for a bowl of seafood chowder or chicken noodle instead of cake and ice cream. You can pair it with a full or half sandwich of your choice too. You’ll be surprised how satisfying and filling this kind of meal can be. You can even choose whole wheat or multi-grain bread for your sandwich.

Organic and Vegetarian Restaurants

Organic and Vegetarian Restaurant serves more healthy meals

One good thing about Singapore is its abundance of vegetarian restaurants. Since  it’s a melting pot of cultures, the country is teeming with Indian and Malay restaurants that serve tasty and very flavorsome vegetarian dishes. If you have misgivings about going vegan, you can try it for a weeks to see how it goes. Some people also substitute just one meal a day. Instead of meat, they choose the vegan option. Alternatively, you can also go to restaurants which serve organic fare. They have brown rice, tofu, free-range chicken and so much more.

Bring Your Own Lunch

Prepare and bring own healthy lunch box

This may be quite a challenge for a busy parent or a young professional. However, preparing your own food is truly one of the best ways to eat healthy.  Pre-packing your lunch not only means you have control of what goes into your plate, it also means that you can control the portion size. When you’re already tired and stressed at work, you tend to order so much more food than what you should eat. You can prepare your lunch (and that of your kids too) ahead of time by marinating lean chicken cuts ahead of time and just grilling them the night before. Beef stews and healthy tofu burgers are also good options.

Taking charge of your health and nutrition is one good way to improve your quality of life. Not only will you look better, but you will also be prolonging the onset of various diseases. These small sacrifices you will be making today will have long term positive effects on your future.

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