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Dealing with Dissatisfaction – 5 Warning Signs of Employee Disengagement to Watch Out For


Finding the right hires for your company can be tough, but keeping them proves to be even tougher. When it comes to employee engagement, HR is the main department responsible. That’s why no HR professional will want to keep going through the process of sifting through applications, conducting interviews, and training new recruits just to find them quitting a few months after they’re hired. What many employers don’t realize is that employees don’t just quit on an impulse – they show signs of dissatisfaction with work long before they make that decision. Find out how to identify if your workers are on the brink of disengagement, so you can turn it around before it’s too late, by reading this short list.


  1. Achieving Bare Minimum – When employees are happy with their jobs, they tend to strive to achieve more than you designate. This is because they feel hungry for accomplishments, especially if they feel they can climb the ladder with the opportunities you provide. But if an employee feels like they’re headed down a road to nowhere, or if they’ve lost the sense of importance, purpose, or motivation to keep working for you, they will often just do the bare minimum.


  1. Becoming Uncooperative – Employees who are motivated to keep working do more than just their part – they choose to work with others because they know it’s for everyone’s gain. But a worker who feels dissatisfied is unlikely to feel compelled to do anything for anyone else, thus giving rise to an uncooperative behavior. This is often apparent during team huddles, company vacations, and even everyday in the workplace.


  1. Pulling Away from Co-Workers – That feeling of camaraderie doesn’t just happen effortlessly – it’s most common in hard workers who can relate to the struggles and efforts of those who work along their side. If a worker refuses or avoids spending time with co-workers, it might be because they no longer feel a sense of belonging, thinking that the workplace you provide isn’t where they should be.


  1. Losing Interest – Company parties and outings are bound to make everyone in your office feel excited in eager anticipation, but a dissatisfied worker might not be quite as happy about the upcoming event. Often, these workers barely even feel the motivation to go to work on the daily basis, causing lots of absences and late records to blot their attendance.


  1. Communicating Carelessly – When talking with others in the office, especially with higher ups, workers are expected to exude a certain attitude that shows respect and willingness. However, if you speak with your worker and they show signs of irritability, disrespect, or carelessness, they might feel like it’s no longer important to show face when at work because they no longer fear getting the boot.


Do you have a disengaged and dissatisfied worker? Be sure to look out for these 5 warning signs so you can help bring back the fire throughout your workforce and prevent the need to look for new recruits to fill in empty positions.

Take Tips from The Pros – 6 Amazing Ways That Help Working Women Win at Skincare

Image result for Amazing Ways That Help Working Women Win at SkincareLet’s face it – finding the balance for work and self-care can be like looking for a needle in a haystack. Add in the struggles of home life and relationships, and it can be impossible to find time to care for yourself. Lots of women tend to feel this way, but glance at those powerful girls in lofty seats in their industry. You’ll find nothing but beautiful, pristine, and flawless looks and skin. How exactly do these successful women manage? Find out their skincare secrets here.

  1. Making the Most of Office Time – The common excuse that people use for losing control of their skin’s health is lack of time. When they’re at the office, they’re all about work. After getting home, all they want to do is rest. It’s true that squeezing in time for a skincare routine can be tough. But caring for your skin doesn’t have to happen on its own. Successful women use the time they have in the office to care for their skin. Drinking lots of water, patting down oil, and applying lotion or cream when necessary all help keep skin nourished and battle-ready in the office.
  2. Buying the Right Products – Where do you usually go to find your skincare products? If you said the supermarket, it’s time to find a different source. Specialty skincare and beauty boutiques offer some of the best products on the market. Investing in the right formulations will help produce more noticeable and powerful outcomes, so you won’t have to spend too much time with skincare.Image result for women with skin product
  3. Using Your Products Wisely – There are some women who, after buying an expensive luxury skincare item, feel disappointed at what they purchased because it didn’t work as it said it would. Unfortunately, the error lies in our hands most of the time, failing to understand how products are supposed to be used. Certain products need to be applied in copious amounts, while others can achieve maximum effects with just a thin layer. For instance, it’s important to apply body firming lotion generously, while under eye creams can be used in much smaller amounts.
  4. Scheduling Skincare Days – Most of the week, successful women can be found pouncing in their office, making leaps and bounds for their career and their respective companies. When the weekend comes along, these women don’t spend their time doing nothing. They make time for skincare treatments and make beauty investments early on to prevent any skin problems in the future. If you want the best for your skin, you should schedule a visit to an aesthetics clinic at least once a month for professional care.Image result for women with skin product
  5. Laying Off of Unhealthy Food – You will rarely see a successful woman step out of the office during her lunch break, and that happens for a very good reason. These women know what kind of food options line the streets below, and that’s why they plan ahead by packing their own lunch to enjoy in their office. Steer clear of fast food and try to prepare your own healthy lunches. This will help prevent premature aging and keep your skin well-nourished from within.Image result for Laying Off of Unhealthy Food
  6. Keeping Supplements in Tote – It’s impossible to really steer clear of toxins and pollutants in the workplace, and sometimes, washing the skin on the surface may not suffice. Successful women invest in good supplements that help keep skin healthy and nourished from inside. When you look for products, choose the ones that contain anti-oxidants, and vitamins A, C, and D to really get a health boost for your skin.

Successful women do it best. Remember these 6 pro secrets on how to keep your skin looking fabulous and flawless even with a traditional 9 to 5 and work your way up the ranks in beauty.

Making Up for Missed Time – 5 Creative Ways to Make Up For Missing a Birthday

Image result for Creative Ways to Make Up For Missing a BirthdayWhile we don’t all expect to get a gift from every friend and relative when it’s our birthday, it would be nice to have them remember to give a greeting. After all, birthdays only come once a year. So you can just imagine how saddening it can be to have a special person in your life forget all about your big day. If you recently just forgot to give a few kind words or a present to a friend or family member’s special day, don’t sweat it. Here are 5 creative ways to make up for the missed occasion.

Image result for happy birthday Party

  1. Plan a Surprise Follow-Up Party – Just because you missed the actual date, doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate on a different day. Planning a surprise follow-up party with only the closest family and friends will help make it easier to get over the fact that you forgot. If you’re running on a tight schedule, and you’re trying to put everything together last minute, there’s no need to panic. You can get food, party favors, and good quality wine delivery in Singapore for an easy and problem-free preparation process.Image result for Offer to Cook a Meal
  2. Offer to Cook a Meal – While there are lots of trendy restaurants that litter the city scene in Singapore, it’s always a lot more heartfelt if you offer to cook a meal from scratch. This will show that you really are sincere about your apology and that you’re willing to put in the effort to make up for the lost time. Set a schedule and prepare a fancy dinner, or catch them off guard by surprising them with the spread when they get home.Image result for Give Something Handmade
  3. Give Something Handmade – Although it might take some time, making something with your own two hands as a birthday gift shows that even if you forget the actual date, you still feel compelled to give your best for the person you’re gifting. Something like a scrapbook filled with photographs and knickknacks, or even a knitted scarf, are both simple projects you can finish in a single weekend.Image result for bake a Cake
  4. Bake a Cake – Nothing says “sorry” as well as a cake does, and neither does anything say “birthday” the same way. Baking a post-birthday cake doesn’t just show the lengths you’d go for the special person, but also adds a very festive birthday feel to your intentions, perfect for the occasion you’ve missed. Bake a cake from scratch, or consider creating a cupcake tower to add a little excitement to your gift.Image result for Create a Care Package
  5. Create a Care Package – A care package is basically a box that’s filled to the brim with all the things necessary for a relaxing night for one or two, depending on how many people you want to join in. Get a big box and stuff it with luxury soaps, candles, chocolates, a thick, warm bathrobe, and even a bottle of their favorite champagne to tell them that you care, and that you’re sorry for missing out.

There’s no need to worry about missing that special friend or family member’s big day – there are loads of things you can do to make it up to them. Try any one of these 5 suggestions and make their birthday extra special, even if it’s come to pass.

Money-Saving Matrimony – 6 Ways to Plan a Magical Wedding Without Going Over Budget


It’s one thing to fall in love, and it’s another thing to keep the fire burning in a way that makes you believe you can do it for the rest of your life. That’s why when that special person comes into your life and the time is right, you should plan a wedding ceremony that will be remembered through the generations.

In Singapore, weddings are occurring more and more frequently, with a steady rise in ceremonies over the last 2 years. But while many of us want that dreamy, magical, and elegant wedding ambiance, achieving the same might be a little too hefty on the pocket. If you’re one of the thousands planning to get hitched soon, consider these 6 tips for achieving a dreamy wedding without having to break the bank.Changed-Date

  1. Change the Date – In Singapore, weddings occur more often in December because that’s when most family members come home from abroad in time for the holidays. Scheduling it then means having more important people present to witness the union. But this also means that weddings in December become much more expensive, with wedding planners, caterers, and venues increasing their rates for peak seasons. Consider changing your date to April or February when marriages are at their lowest.Petit_St_Vincent_Island_Wedding_Venue 2. Consider a Rental – If you can rent it, don’t buy it. Often, women have wedding gowns tailored just for them by the most skilled designers, and it’s anyone’s dream to have the same. But gowns don’t come cheap, and this can easily send your expenses through the roof. Plus, the fact that you’ll only wear it once makes it seem like a waste. Consider a wedding gown rental in Singapore instead and look for a design that suits your size and body type best.tealtangerine 3. Choose the Right Color Schemes – Décor will often define the ambiance of your ceremony, but there’s a lot more to atmosphere than just the little pieces you put in place. Sometimes, using the right colors can do enough for decorative appeal, so be sure to choose a palette that’s design all on its own.022463d834f289730847ce36fddcbba7 4. Leverage Light – Candles, fairy lights, and lanterns can be very cheap, and you can even DIY some yourself to achieve the ideal look. Leverage light and scatter brightness throughout your ceremony to achieve a dreamy ambiance.flower_03 5. Think Before Buying Flowers – While bigger flowers are more expensive up front, you don’t need as many of them to completely cover a single surface. When it all comes right down to the bill, big flowers are cheaper than smaller ones because you will need much less of them to decorate your ceremony. Don’t be afraid of disclosing your budget with your florist so they can provide you helpful suggestions to maximize your money’s worth.ca34787bff11d4433a05a46afae1be24 6. Cheat the Cake – Bigger wedding cakes can be very expensive, especially if you have multiple tiers. Instead of splurging on something so extravagant, try getting a quote for a smaller two-tier cake and have a sheet cake hidden in the kitchen for passing out after cake slicing.

A magical wedding shouldn’t have to stifle your bank account. Follow these 6 tips to help you plan the perfect ceremony without maxing out your wallet’s contents, and enjoy the perks of being able to set aside a little something for the start of happily ever after with your special someone.

Can myopia be avoided? Read the answer here!


As early as in childhood, the symptoms of having myopia or nearsightedness will start to manifest and affect one’s vision well-being. In most cases, this visual impairment is often hinted by difficulty in seeing from quite distant places, recurring headaches and pain around the eyes, nausea and vomiting, blurry or twisted vision, and eye squinting. Many people who experience any of the signs mentioned don’t go get their visual health checked, but eye problems must not be ignored.

Medical experts say that myopia is a common hereditary refractive error, and having at least one parent with myopia increases the probability for a child to suffer from it as well. However, myopia is not entirely hereditary, since it can also be caused by the following reasons. Unlike the hereditary cause of myopia, these factors can be controlled, or even better, avoided.


  1. Prolonged or excessive reading Some studies have shown that too much fatigue brought by reading a book too close to the eyes is likely result to nearsightedness for both children and adults. Additionally, reading or doing work in dimly-lit areas can also contribute to the possibility of developing myopia.

Too much exposure to computers

  1. Too much exposure to computers Many technological advancements are necessary to everyday work nowadays. However, it has been observed that increased exposure to radiation from computers also affect the eye health. Most people who are considered to have acquired this refractive error often cite their prolonged usage of computers as the primary reason for developing myopia.


  1. Lack of outdoor activity According to the 2008 Sydney Myopia Study, children who spent more time playing outside were less likely to develop myopia than those who stayed mostly inside their homes. Although there’s still no strong evidence linking this cause to the occurrences of myopia, the increased reliance to gadgets and mobile devices can also be lessened to be able to deter the possibility of developing myopia, especially for children.


Knowing the causes of myopia and how to avoid it most especially in the beginning years of life is such an important step in helping people to stop doing bad visual habits. Avoiding the above mentioned causes will not only prevent the incidence of myopia, but will also lead to having a healthy eyesight, which is considered a true blessing and an advantage to enjoy life more fully and happily.

Young Medical Professional Checking the Eyes of Young Boy (8-10)


Top 3 Singaporean Companies That Win at Employee Engagement and How They Do It

iStock_000012204568_LargeAccording to recent surveys, Singaporean employees are the unhappiest among their counterparts in the Southeast Asian region. So there’s no question why employee turover rates in the island nation are on a steady rise. No doubt, when it comes to employee engagement in Singapore, companies seem to struggle. But the same can’t be said for all of them. There are a few that stand out among the rest, and these companies have proven that despite the national trend, successfully engaging and satisfying employees is still in the company’s hands. Wondering who they are and how they do it? Find out here.


  1. Salesforce Singapore – Winning the Singapore Best Companies to Work for Award two years in a row has helped establish Salesforce’s strategy as the best employee retention plan in the country. They operate on the idea that the entire talent pool is one, big, happy family, highlighting collaboration, philanthropy, and equality as the company’s main values. Today, Salesforce is still counted as one of the fastest growing software companies in Singapore despite having been in the industry for 17 years, and executives claim they owe it all to their workforce.


  1. SAP – Mainly focused on the development of new technologies for consumer use, SAP believes that its ability to spark a positive change on the world is what makes it one of the best companies to work for. Much like Salesforce, SAP has won the Singapore Best Companies to Work for Award two years in a row, putting it among the top enterprises in Singapore when it comes to engaging and satisfying talents. At SAP, employees are all considered uniquely talented. By bestowing special recognition and individualized appreciation for each worker, SAP makes them feel more valuable to the company.


  1. Royal Plaza on Scotts – Yet another winner of the coveted Best Companies to Work for Award, Royal Plaza on Scotts has become one of the premier hospitals in the country, thanks to its motivated workforce. The happiness of its employees are due mostly to the unrivaled amount of trust that the company has given to its personnel. Medical certificates are not required for sick days off, routine clock ins and outs are considered obsolete, and unnecessary reporting and robotic assessments have been done away with since 2009. This has empowered workers to feel independent and trusted, thus making them feel respected in the workplace.


Employee engagement strategies are never one-size-fits-all. Learn more about your people, experiment with different methods, and devise a unique plan to help you keep your key employees happy and satisfied for many years to come.


3 Reasons Why Having a Team Building is Very Important in the Workplace

It’s no secret that healthy relationships among members of a workplace lead to top notch results. For any business owner, knowing that all the different employees across different levels of the company synergize and work well together is nothing short of a dream come true. Of course, we all want our workforce to strive towards the same goals and to constantly lift each other up for the benefit of the business. But how exactly can we make sure that those healthy relationships stay healthy and happy sans the damage caused by tension and competition? Team building exercises are a great way to help your employees get some well deserved R & R while enjoying the company of the people they work with. The main goal is to help build healthy relationships, and this will hopefully resolve any differences. Wondering why you should host team building exercises? These three reasons should get you on the right track.


  1. Rest and Relaxation – First of all, it’s important that you give your employees some well deserved rest and relaxation. This is to avoid burn-outs from all the work and responsibilities they have laid out in front of them in the office. While you might think that you can provide them vacation leaves as separate individuals, it’s a major bonus for your business if your workers can enjoy time off from work with each other. Plus, learning about new places can be a great bonding experience for a lot of people. If you dont want to do the legwork, there are many companies or third party organizations that hosts team building in Singapore that are affordable and cater to your organizations needs.



  1. Highlight the Importance of Team Work – Companies don’t go on outings just to bask in the sun – there are special programs held to make the entire experience more beneficial for everyone involved. For instance, you can set up a bunch of games and activities that highlight the importance of teamwork. On the surface, a game might not seem like much. But when your workers look back on the experience, they’ll take away something much more of value. Learning how to work with the different people in the company during a game will give each person an idea as to how they can deal with one another in the office for maximum production and output. What’s more, learning more about each other as friends and not just co-workers will develop a sense of compassion and sympathy, making it much easier to take on sacrifices for each other in the office especially if it’s for the benefit of the entire company.



  1. Mitigate or Resolve Conflicts – We’ve all experienced having that one co-worker who just gets on our nerves. Maybe it’s because there’s some sort of competition going on between you and them, or maybe your personalities just don’t match. Whatever the reason behind the tension between your workers, having them both participate in group activities as a team would help mitigate or even resolve any conflicts they might have. Hopefully, working together for each others’ benefit will open doors to understanding, communication, and compromise so they can work better together once you’re back in the office.


Your workers are the life blood of your business, so be sure to pamper them every now and then. Cultivate friendships, strengthen bonds, and make them feel like one big happy family by planning a team building experience just for them.

Taking a Peek Into Property Investments – How to Make Profit in Singaporean Real Estate

Thanks to the economic boom that all started when Singapore acquired independence in 1965, real estate has seen a steady rise in prices and profitability. For lots of property owners, having a financial asset like a prime piece of real estate – whether residential or commercial – is nothing short of a major investment. Of course, because it’s commonly seen as a smart move in terms of money, lots of people are eager to try their luck with real estate investments. If you’re one of those people, this concise guide should teach you the ropes of making a profit when you invest in a property in Singapore.


  1. shutterstock_200470286-9b69c8-300x200Do the Math – Let’s say you purchased a property that cost 2.5 million and sold it sixteen years later for 3.75 million. That basically means that over the span of 16 years, you were able to earn 1.25 million or an annualized gain of 3.1%. Up front, the numbers don’t seem bad. But consider this – if you had left the money in your bank account instead, you would have earned at least 4-5% interest yearly, depending on your bank of choice – sans the risk. You also need to consider the cost of any renovations you might need to make prior to your sale, marketing efforts, as well as the agent fee that amounts to about 1% in Singapore.


  1. For-Rent-signReconsider Rentals – Condo units are selling like hotcakes in Singapore, mainly because they’re cheaper now more than ever. You might be thinking of buying a unit to rent it out to make a passive income every month. Yes, that rental fee is income – in that it’s inflowing cash – but it’s not necessarily a profit. According to statistics, the yearly yield for renting out a 70 square meter condo unit in Singapore is just at around 2.89%, which isn’t only puny, but also indicative of a loss. Be sure to rethink your options and look for other properties that you can offer as rentals such as singe-detached residences that seem to be doing much better in the realm of rental properties.


  1. dreamstime_m_3974874-e1464000317753Take Your Time – In a rush to buy a property for investment purposes, people tend to take out loans at deeply discounted down payment offers. On paper, it can look like a steal, but it might actually be stealing from you. A high interest rate can eat up your finances, and can take up majority of any rental income you might get out of your investment. Instead of jumping on low down payment offers that span a lengthy number of years, take your time and save up for bigger down payment deals and shorter loan terms. This will give you the legroom to make a profit off of your property, virtually making your investment pay for the loan with money to spare.


On the surface, a property investment in Singapore can seem like nothing short of a financial dream come true, but there are very real pitfalls that you should avoid. Be sure to get the best out of your real estate investment, make money that counts, and earn a serious profit by navigating the Singaporean real estate industry like a pro. Remember these three tips to help you get the most out of your investment.


6 Awesome Ways to Reinvent Your Detox Diet: Cleansing Inside and Out

When it comes to being in your best shape, the detox diet is one of the most popular ways. The advantage is not limited to weight loss only, but also to keeping your overall health in check. It has grown in popularity because of its simplicity and effectiveness. Aside from making you look good, cleansing your body of toxins can make you feel good from the inside as well.

If you are looking for a body detox that works, or you simply want to reinvent your detox regimen, below are 6 things you can do.

1) Mix It UpCombine a juice cleanse and drink to detox your body

Combining several methods to detoxify your body can give you faster and more noticeable results. As an example, if you combine a juice cleanse and regular visits to a spa or a detox clinic, you may notice the difference in your physical state even in just a few days. You can also combine different ingredients, or do a different cleanse on alternate weeks. This way, you will not feel like being “forced” to be on a strict diet.

2) Perfect TimingFind the perfect timing to meal and sleep to detox body

Eat at least 3 hours before going to bed so you can improve the quality of your sleep. While sleeping, your liver goes into full operation to detoxify your system, but it will not reach its full potential if your sleep cycle is off. You can try using apps that promote good sleep cycles and plan your meals in line with your sleeping schedule.

3) Less is more
Lovely detox drinks to detox your body

Consider simple methods like a 2-ingredient detox drink, or a one-session-per-week detox package. Find a detox plan that you can commit to and do at your own pace, and you should be alright. Complicated plans don’t always mean the best, especially if you can’t follow them consistently.

4) Try SmoothiesSmoothies is refreshing and detox your body

If you don’t have a lot of time to prepare intricate meals for detox, try making some smoothies instead. Smoothies are an easy way to get your daily dose of fruits and/or vegetables. As you may know, this has a lot of health benefits aside from helping your body eliminate toxins.

5) Scrub, scrub, scrubLemon can be used to detox body and scrub

Lemon is a really good ingredient to integrate into your detox diet. After juicing the lemons you need for your diet recipes, take the peel and remaining pulp and use it as a body scrub. This will help you get clear skin, and at the same time will allow your body to release toxins naturally.

6) Stay HydratedStay hydated is easiest way to detox body

Drink plenty of water during your diet. Better yet, integrate your detox plan into your hydrating habits. If you are not really a fan of drinking plain water,  a simple lemon-infused water may help. Replenishing water in your body regularly ensures that your internal organs work properly to flush out toxins.

Once you have decided to go on a detox diet, you can also adjust your lifestyle to minimize (if not eliminate) toxins in your body. You can control your alcohol intake, do sports, or go on a vacation to relax your mind and body. Whatever detox plan you choose, you can be assured that it will be a good way to look after your health.

6 Expert Tips for Hosting an Elegant and Classy Holiday Party on a Budget

Image result for 6 Expert Tips for Hosting an Elegant and Classy Holiday Party on a BudgetDifferent countries have different practices and traditions when it comes to celebrating the holidays. For those in Singapore, Christmas is spent mostly in the city with shopping and fine dining as the most common celebrations.

While spending time with your loved ones over a fancy meal seems like a great way to bond over the holidays, not everyone has the financial flexibility to splurge on something that costly. This Yuletide season, host your own elegant dinner at home by following these budget-friendly tips.

  1. Elaborate Your Neutrals – Your table arrangement will play a huge role in setting the tone for the entire dinner, so be sure to make it look as elegant as possible. Don’t worry – you don’t need to spend on expensive plates and silverware to get the right aesthetic. Start off with neutrals that you already have such as plain, solid colored plates, bowls, and glasses. You can then embellish them with decorative napkins you can buy at your local grocery store.
  2. Lighten Up – Candles can add an instant touch of sophistication and class to any dinner table. Although expensive candles in colorful and detailed containers seem like a great way to add decorative appeal to your set-up, you can buy small white candles in clear glass containers to bring a simple yet elegant look to your overall ambiance. Don’t forget to light them up and place them a safe distance away from guests’ plates.
  3. Go for Personal – It takes a little to make seats around your table more personal, but the effort goes a long way. Designating each person a chair instead of having everyone clumsily figure out where they should sit will make your dinner more comfortable for everyone. Singaporeans tend to appreciate that kind of thoughtfulness in their dinner hosts. Plus, adding name tags or name cards on top of plates will make the entire occasion just feel a little more formal.Related image
  4. Invest in Good Food and Drinks – Of course, it’s mostly the food you prepare that will decide whether or not your efforts will lead towards success. If you don’t trust your own cooking skills, you can hire affordable caterers in your area for guaranteed good food. It’s also common for people to opt for wine delivery in Singapore instead of buying in stores because of the wide selection available online.Image result for Add an Arrangement – Floral arrangements make the perfect centerpieces for elegant dinner parties because they’re affordable.
  5. Add an Arrangement – Floral arrangements make the perfect centerpieces for elegant dinner parties because they’re affordable. You also don’t need too many to make a space look well decorated. Be sure they’re not too big that they obstruct anyone’s view of the person across from them. Also, try not to overdo it with too many colors.
  6. Soft, Sophisticated Music – Playing some classical music in the background on low volumes while you enjoy your meal will tie everything together and mimic an actual fine dining feel. Choose your playlist and have enough tracks on your player to soothe your guests throughout the night.

A classy holiday party doesn’t have to be expensive. Throw the best Christmas dinner party with sophistication and style by trying out these expert tips.

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