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5 Effective Ways To  Boost Employee Engagement In Your Company



The benefits of employee engagement in the workplace are huge. Happy employees in every company produce better results. However, finding quick strategies to enhance employee engagement can be a challenge. Here are a few simple ways that leaders can implement to improve employee engagement in the company.


  1. Screen new hires. Every company should make sure the new staff member about to be hired fit in with the team culture. When people work together, it’s important to ensure they have varying skills to avoid anything that might slow down productivity. Interviewing each new employee is the best way to gauge how they can fit with other staff within the workplace.


  1. Develop volunteer initiatives. Initiating volunteer work activities can add great value to team engagement. Research shows 93% of employees who volunteered with their leaders reported being happy at the workplace. Check Google or your local listing to find whether there are charities in which your company can volunteer.


  1. Recognise employee accomplishments. Employees can’t stay in a company where they are not appreciated. Leaders should constantly check whether their staff has achieved something major that needs praise. Stepping by your worker’s desk or treating them with a small token can make your workers feel much appreciated.o-WORK-LIFE-BALANCE-facebook


  1. Emphasise work-life balance. Being worked too hard is a pressing issue that employees frequently complain about. As a leader, you should make sure nobody is overworked. If you notice someone is overwhelmed with a lot of work, do something to get them back on track. Chat with your staff frequently to know how they are going about in their work. Keep the hiring loop on to minimise the risk of the company being short-staffed.Canon_Watercooler-friendships_large


  1. Encourage workplace friendships. Workers who have people they can talk to in the workplace appear much happier. Set up after-work happy hours in which workers can socialise together in a comfortable setting. Bring your team together for lunch–anything to bond their friendship around the workplace more.


Leaders of any company can agree that enhancing employee engagement is usually a long-term project. The suggestions listed above are easy to adapt and implement. And if that’s not enough, see Aon Hewitt’s factors for employee engagement to help you cultivate better employee-employer relationships within your organization.

5 Tips When Buying Furniture Online in Singapore

Moving to a new apartment or wanting to acquire new furniture pieces? No problem. There is a trouble free way is to get online furniture in Singapore. We list down tips to buy furniture from the comforts of your own home.

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  1. Read reviews. Apart from browsing comments from the shop’s website itself, make sure to read blogs and other review websites about a particular online furniture shop. Research thoroughly, especially if you plan to get pieces from a certain shop. If you have family and friends who have bought items from any online store, listen to their feedback.
  2. Check the photos and descriptions. Whether you be buying a couch, a mattress, a shelf, or any furniture at all, online shops have a front, back, side, and detailed shots of the different pieces that they sell. If you are sure on an item, double check on its descriptions, from here you will learn from what material is it made of, where is it made, and other important stuff.
  1. Verify the colors. The picture may differ depending on the contrast or brightness of the computer or mobile phone that you use. With that, you also have to know that the furniture pieces you may like on your computer may have a different hue or tone in actuality. If you can request for a swatch of a fabric or a sample of the finish to get a look or a feel, better.
  2. Confirm the size. Another important thing to consider is if it will fit in your apartment. Survey the dimensions of the pieces that you put on your online basket. Are they too big or too small for your space? Another thing to measure is if the item can fit into a door or a stairwell.
  3. Check the online shop’s services. Does the furniture shop deliver for free? Do they assemble closets and other items once it arrives? Do they have a return policy? How long do they honor it?

Shopping online gives people the convenience of not having to leave their homes. However, if you can still visit the showroom of the furniture store so that you may get a feel of the texture, see the color, and have a know of how big is the stuff. We hope that list above can help you get online furniture in Singapore.


5 Practical Tips On How To Lose Weight Fast

The most important thing you should remember about losing weight is that you need to stick to a plan. You must come up with a diet plan and exercise routine then follow them no matter what. An excellent diet plan won’t mean anything if you abandon it within days or weeks. In other words, persistence is the ultimate solution to shedding those extra pounds. To help you get to the weight level that you want, you should follow the practical tips discussed below.

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1) Stick to a rigorous workout routine every single day. It’s highly recommended that you put at least two hours of exercise daily. You have to make sure that the exercises work out your whole body. With that said, it’s advisable that you join a gym since you can find all the equipment that you need there. You can do the exercises in the morning or in the afternoon. If you want, you can divide the time so that you do one hour in the morning then another hour in the afternoon.


2) Drink mainly water. If you are fond of drinking juices, smoothies, or energy drinks, it’s time to stop. A lot of these flavored drinks contain sugar and fat which can cause you to accumulate more weight. If you get bored of the taste of water, you can put some flavor into it by adding lemon wedges or mint leaves.


3) Increase your sleeping time. If you get more restful sleep, this will significantly boost your body’s metabolism. More sleep also means you will have more strength and endurance to work out the next day. The harder you exercise, the more fat you burn.


4) Consult a nutritionist. If there’s someone who knows how to lose weight fast, it would be an experienced nutritionist. If you know someone, it’s recommended that you get his/her advice. Let him help you come up with a well-balanced diet and exercise plan.


5) Replace stationary habits or activities with movement-based activities. Do you spend hours everyday watching television? Then it’s time to get rid of the habit and do something that will require you to move your body. You can go hiking, jogging, or biking.

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Losing weight is not rocket science. It can be difficult but it can be done. As we mentioned earlier, persistence is the key to losing weight. Once your diet and exercise plans are in place, you need to make the effort of following them every single day. If you skip a day or take the week off, you will compromise what you’ve already accomplished in the previous days.

A Business Start-up Guide: What Makes A Good Leader For Small Businesses?  


What really makes someone a great leader? Such a simple question, and yet it continues to challenge and puzzle even the most big thinkers in business. When cash is tight and startup fundraising for your small business is lacking, it’s quite easy for people to allow their emotional stress to get the best of them, and thus end up affecting their team and business altogether. As a leader, you should take a deep breath and calm down, and remind yourself of the great leader you really are or would like to become. Here are some of the top leadership skills every potential leader should possess in order to run any small business effectively.


Strategic Thinking_PPI

Think Strategically


A good leader is strategic with the way he or she thinks, and understands how a business should meet its objectives and achieve its goals effectively. They also ensure every decision they make stay consistent with each vision beforehand. You’ll never find them making oblivious statements that may more likely affect their business in a negative way. Rather, many good leaders find systematic and strategic ways that help solve the threatening problem, while at the same time prevent such problems from occurring again in the future. Where the problem seems insurmountable, a good leader always develops a backup plan to ensure the things they can’t control do not stop them from achieving their goals.





Some decisions usually made in any business are not so straightforward like many people think. Sometimes, you may find yourself stuck in a small corner where everyone is expecting you to make a crucial decision on the fly—and really fast. In fact, in this critical situation, is the actual time your team needs you the most for some guidance, so the decision you’re about to make should be quick and final. Therefore, it’s important for all leaders to learn to think outside the box and to choose which of the choices they are about to make is the best option for everyone, including the company. Sometimes it would even be better and easier to give such issues some thought, and even turn to your team for guidance. In this way, you’re going to find in every decision you make will always be an effective and informed decision for the company all the time.





There are many days when you will find things aren’t going according to plan. In fact, this is evidenced everywhere in any business—large and small—and this is where you’re not supposed to panic. As a leader, you should find effective means to put out all fires, while maintaining the team morale. Step up to the plate and stretch your confidence level, and explain to your team that such setbacks are normal. Stress that the most important thing is to focus on the big goal beforehand. Afterwards, you’ll be surprised to find your team really trusts and likes you as their great leader because of the courage and confidence you project, even when dealing with critical matters. Remember, every time you stay calm and confident, your team also feels the same because they always pick up after their leader.





How much communication, you ask? A good leader should provide a great deal of communication than is generally required in completing an employee’s job. Sure, knowing what you want your company to accomplish may seem straightforward to you, but when it comes to explaining it to somebody else and are struck with a blank expression, that’s when you know there is a big problem. If you’re this kind of person, then you may want to sharpen your communication skills even more. For example, you should be able to communicate about issues affecting the company clearly and succinctly–about any abrupt changes made, financial performance and status of a company, business plan highlights, about any new customers or lost customers, etc. This is because a good leader provides meaningful context with their communications to employees. If you can’t relay your vision to your employees clearly, it would be difficult to align them all towards the same goal.




And lastly, working toward your brand vision is fundamental to creating an efficient and organised business, that’s why you should trust your employees with that vision if you want to take your business to the next level. Delegating tasks to the appropriate departments, actually is the single most important skill any leader needs to grow his or her business. Because eventually, tasks around the company are going to pile up, which means you’d require help from your team for operations around the company to run smoothly all the time. In fact, in this study on how to engage employees, it shows that staff engagement dramatically helps to lift a team’s performance. Find out what each employee enjoys doing the most and capitalise on that–and eventually, you will find things around the company are quite easy to run and manage. Productivity and growth of your business is going to be high, too!



Above all else, a good leader thinks strategically, and crafts out a vision and constantly sticks to it all the time. This is clearly demonstrated in their communication skills, when giving feedback, when delegating tasks to employees and so on. If you find yourself happy and satisfied with the work of your employees, then you have taken the first crucial step in becoming a potential leader. But if you’d really like to become a much powerful leader and your team to trust you more, use this guide all the time to learn some of the top leadership skills every potential leader needs to run a small start-up business effectively.

LASIK Surgery Clinic: Is LASIK Good For You?

Image result for LASIKIn the past few years, LASIK has become a popular choice for many people suffering from poor eyesight. This procedure uses laser technology to correct your vision, and, unlike wearing contact lenses or glasses, does not interfere with your day-to-day activities. To understand this method better, you may refer to the quick guide below.

The Procedure

LASIK, which stands for laser-assisted in-situ keratomileusis, is done by directing laser to the patient’s eye and using it to reshape the cornea. This reshaping is what corrects your astigmatism, myopia (near-sightedness), or hyperopia (far-sightedness). These ailments are very common and are caused by different factors – but fortunately, they can be easily corrected with LASIK.



Compared to other invasive surgeries, LASIK has reduced risks and better efficiency. In some cases, the patients who undergo the treatment experience the effects in less than a day after the surgery. As opposed to wearing glasses, you can play sports without having to worry about it all the time. With LASIK, a routine checkup after the surgery might be done to ensure that your eyesight is at its best, but that is definitely better than having to clean, put on, and take off your contact lenses every day.


Risks and Recovery

There are no extreme risks associated with LASIK. However, some people might experience under- or over-correction, so it is necessary for them to make further visits to the doctor. In any case, the best way to avoid risks is to make sure that the LASIK Surgery Clinic you go to is professional and reliable. The ophthalmologist should be able to advise you what to do before, during, and after the procedure.



About 95% of patients who chose to undergo this kind of therapy have gotten satisfactory results. Many patients also report that they would definitely go through the procedure again if necessary, as it did not cause them a lot of pain or discomfort. In fact, it even eliminated the headaches that are commonly associated with the refractive errors on the eyes.



Image result for Cost

The cost for this treatment varies from one country to another, and it also depends on your specific needs. In the US, for instance, it costs upwards of USD2000, while LASIK surgery in Singapore is relatively cheaper. If you are already wearing very thick glasses, it might take longer sessions to complete the correction process.


To determine whether this option could meet your needs, make sure to consult an ophthalmologist who could evaluate your health properly. After which, the doctor will recommend the next course of action for your case.


5 Home-Saving Tips For Buying The Best Dining Table



In essence, the most essential and high-quality piece of furniture a person should take great care of around homes is the dining table. Whether it’s strategically placed in front and center or in the middle space of a dinning room or kitchen, the dining table is a vital gathering spot which many families hold important discussions from at dinner. So every time you’re about to hunt for a piece of dining table to buy, at least make sure it’s spacious, comfortably accommodating, sturdy as a rock and, above all, it’s flexible and attractive in both shape and style. Below is a guide with cool tips and tricks about everything everybody needs to know when shopping for a new dining table.






1)         Choose the material carefully. Every time you’re about to shop for a wood dining table, always opt for a hardwood option such as walnut, oak, maple, mahogany, or teak rather than composite wood such as hardwood solids, plywood and MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard). Even though many engineered wood options such as MDF – which comprises a mixture of both softwood and hardwood that have been compressed together – are quite durable, they’re not really steady and strong like hardwood. They also are not quite long lasting compared with hardwood nevertheless.






2)         Stay away from thick veneer. A quick tip for dining table shoppers: avoid all dining sets with thick veneer like the plague? How do you know whether a dining table veneer is thick? Usually it feels “plastic-like” to the touch and conveys obvious “seams” where placed at corners.






3)         Measure the room. As a rule of thumb, it’s crucial to have the specific measurements of the room for your dining table–particularly with smaller dining rooms because people have a tendency of buying tables that are quite big for the space. Make sure the dining table you’re about to buy, at least leaves sufficient space in which you’re able to walk around seamlessly after all chairs have been put in place. Leaving about 50″ space between walls and the edges of the table really is a great idea.






4)         Check the table’s dimensions. Almost all dining table sets share a very specific standard height range of about 28″-30″ tall. A decent and comfortable dining table should leave sufficient room above the knee, and should be the same level like your elbows when seated. Similarly, most square and rectangular tables usually have a standard range of about 36″ wide, though can also have varying lengths depending on the number of people you’re wishing to accommodate. So whenever you’re shopping for a piece of dining table, think through these options carefully.







5)         Consider outdoor materials. And lastly, every time you’re about to furnish an outdoor patio or terrace with a dining table, many times you’ll choose to use weather-resistant materials quite often. Shop for a dining table that’s made from natural teak, as furniture made from teak wood material usually tend to be resistant to rain and rust. A quick tip: all pieces of furniture made from natural teak and powder-coated steal more likely will be indicated in the product description, so check on these carefully to avoid purchasing a fake or a product imitation–which apparently, seems to be conspicuous everywhere on the market nevertheless.







Arguably the dining table could be the most crucial piece of dining room furniture people need to take great care of around their homes. It’s the potential place where most families hold important talks when having dinner, which means any particular piece of dining table you’re about to bring home should at least be spacious, very comfy, sturdy in structure, and in a way flexible and appealing in both shape and style.


Lucky for you, Singapore is immersed with a lot of potential places where you can shop for classic pieces of dining room furniture that would meet your every need. But to ensure your shopping for exotic dinning tables become such a breeze, follow the cool tips and tricks shared in this guide and all your shopping endeavors would be worthwhile and super-easy!


Living In Singapore: Accommodation and Housing Costs 2016

Are you moving to Singapore? Check out these average monthly rentals for accommodation/housing and other things before you start renting a place:


  • The monthly rent for a fully furnished, 900 square feet accommodation in an expensive area could set you back about SG$3,842.00
  • The monthly rent for a fully furnished, 900 square feet accommodation in a normal area could set you back about SG$2,721.00
  • The monthly rent for a fully furnished, 480 square feet studio apartment in an expensive area could set you back about SG$2,941.00
  • The monthly rent for a fully furnished, 480 square feet studio apartment in a normal area could set you back about SG$1,944.00


Average monthly utilities:


  • The monthly utilities (which include gas, electricity, heating) for 2 person living in a 900 square foot accommodation is SG$169.00
  • The monthly utilities (which include gas, electricity, heating) for 1 person living in a 480 square foot studio apartment is SG$125.00


Now that you’ve figured out the average monthly rental for an accommodation or a studio in different areas and sizes, how much is the cost for different types of housing in Singapore?


Factors such as the quality of furnishings, interior design, facilities (like gym, pool, etc.) and housing area will usually determine the cost of housing in Singapore. The closer the property is to the city, the higher the cost will be.


There are six types of accommodation/housing that you can choose from, depending on your personal needs and taste:


  1. Serviced apartments

If you’re looking for a flexible lease or are only staying for a short period of time, look for a serviced apartment, which normally offers negotiable lease terms on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Most of them are fully furnished and come with facilities. Depending on how luxurious it is and where it’s located, a one-bedroom unit ranges from SG$3k to SG$14k.


  1. Room rental (in an apartment)

If you’re looking for more bargain without compromising on comfort, find an apartment where you’re allowed to rent a room (and not the entire apartment). Renting a room in a private apartment can cost from SG$800 to SG$1,800.00.


  1. Landed property

This type of housing is the costliest of all, setting you back from SG$8,000 to SG$35,000 a month. Landed properties include bungalows, detached houses, semi-detached houses and terraced houses. Because of the country’s scarcity in land, landed properties are becoming rarer which leads to higher rentals.


  1. HDB flats

HDB flats are government-housing flats, and are the reasonable options for those on a tight budget. The monthly rental cost may vary depending on the unit’s size and location. A 3-bedroom unit may range from SG$2,200 to SG$3,000 and don’t come with luxurious facilities.


  1. Private apartments

Private apartments in Singapore are normally older buildings and possess similarities to condos minus the facilities. The monthly rental for a 3-bedroom unit may range from SG$4,000 to SG$7,000.


  1. Condominiums

The monthly rental for private condominiums varies depending on how old the building is and where it’s located. For a 3-bedroom unit located in prime areas, like a condo near MRT, the cost ranges from SG$7,000 to SG$15,000, while the same unit in outskirt areas costs between SG$3,300 to SG$5,000.


Take some time to decide on which area you should live in Singapore. Remember to carefully consider your personal preferences as well as the average rental cost.

7 Helpful Tips for a Successful E-commerce Business

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Researches show that e-commerce sales in the United States skyrocketed to $ 304.1 billion in 2014 from only $ 167.3 billion in 2010. Total retail sales in 2014 was pegged at $ 3.19 trillion, accounting a roughly 9.5% contribution from e-commerce sales. This trend is expected to result in increasing sales figures in the next three years.


The upward growth of the e-commerce economy since 2014 has been ensuing. A number have found this trend promising and have paid off the risk of doing such kind of business. As opportune and as exciting as it seems, it is probably the best time for you to set foot in this platform.


Here are seven must-have considerations to approach this growth wisely:


  1. Give unhurried time for your e-commerce launch.

Image result for Website

One of the tips in e-commerce is forcing the website launch. You should understand that you’ve got just one shot in this launching activity, and you can’t afford to mess up the entire thing. A substantial ground work must be made prior to the big reveal, such as social media and content marketing studies.


  1. Focus on the potential customers.

Website visitors are as equally interested with the shopping and payment convenience they receive as they are with the products. Customers must be able to get a total spree of their business experience with you so you can have their heart.


  1. Get a first-hand test on absolutely everything.

Testing and analytics are basics during pre-, actual and post-launching. Figure out how customers are likely to perceive the whole thing. Consult providers of IT services in Singapore to help you in this need.


  1. Take a closer work with the social media and include social elements.

While you can hire a social-media manager, it is significant that you’re heartily involved, too. The heartbeat of your business is social media, as you are able to glimpse uninterruptedly at your customers’ lives.


Stuff your e-commerce site with social elements like product reviews, social login options and testimonials follow clicks. All of these help your conversion funnel.


  1. Go mobile.

Image result for e-commerce mobile

Building e-commerce websites with mobiles as means to an end will make your position strategic and your business relevant. Global consumer spending on mobiles already reached $ 204 billion in 2014 and is projected to jump to $ 626 billion comes 2018.


  1. Be on top of SEO.

Whether you like it or not, SEO skills are mandatory in any Internet-based competition. More businesses are expected to engage in this increasingly crowded place. Connect with SEO-equipped individuals to assist you in staying competitive in the future.


  1. Keep records and keep evolving.

Building your own customer database has the potential of giving necessary assistance in future launches. Collect customer information on a consistently regular basis.


Technology is rapidly changing though, and customer preferences tend to align with these changes. You must also adapt to changes given the variations in this market.


Remember, you are not just an entrepreneur, but an e-commerce-based one. Customers and products are not your sole priorities; include the means of doing business. With these tips, you are sure to make a pretty good start, and hopefully, a carefully-crafted finish. Just pour your heart out into what you do.

A No-Nonsense Guide On How To Shop For Groceries In Singapore



If you are someone who is too busy to do your own shopping, then getting the assistance of an online shopping service is an option you should explore. The market for this type of service in Singapore has grown tremendously during the last few years. The increasing numbers of young professionals who are too occupied to shop on their own is seen as the main driving force behind this growth.


The Benefits Of Shopping For Goods Online

Online grocery shopping has a lot of benefits. Aside from the fact that it takes away the burden off your hands, it also opens more time for you to engage in more meaningful activities like having quality time with your family or friends. And of course, there’s the fact that you can purchase almost anything online. They will even deliver the items on your doorstep.


Shopping Online Is Hassle-Free

Using an online shopping service is simple and easy. Signing up will usually take just a few minutes. Before you sign up, make sure that you have a credit card or debit card because this is usually what you’re going to use to pay for the grocery items that you purchase. Some online retailers make use of their own fund systems wherein customers can replenish their accounts through their bank accounts. Others make use of online payment systems like PayPal and Payoneer.


How To Get The Most Out Of Online Grocery Shops

Most online retailers offer discounts for bulk purchases. With that said, you should take advantage of these discounts by buying food, drinks, and beer in larger quantities.



Whether you are planning to buy beer online or food items to re-stock your refrigerator, purchasing them from a trusted online grocery shopping service would be a great idea. You get to save time as well as money by availing of their bulk discounts.

Teambuilding Activities: The Organizer’s Guide to Building Team Morale



Building office morale is one of the most important tasks of a company’s Human Resources department to ensure that employees feel appreciated. Giving your colleagues the inspiration to work together as a team requires some effort, as it means that you need to encourage people who have different traits and personalities to have a harmonious working relationship. Organizing a teambuilding activity can be challenging, but if you consider the following points, it should not be such a difficult task.


budget - iStock_000041295790_Large

  • Budget

Before you start making plans, you have to set the budget for your teambuilding activity first.  Teambuilding activities are considered as an investment for your company, so make sure that it is as cost-effective as possible.


  • Duration

Decide on how much time you have for your teambuilding event. Employees usually find weekend getaways exciting, as they have the chance to go to places that they would otherwise not visit on their own. Although it is so, you need to consider that your colleagues might also have their own plans for the weekend, so a day trip or activity could also be fulfilling.


  • Destination

Once you have set your schedule for the teambuilding, consider the possible places you could go to. Whether it is a quick drive out of the city or a two-day retreat, remember to go to places that could accommodate the size of your group. Popular destinations include beach resorts or hotels, art galleries, or activity centers.


  • Activities

In the workplace, it could be difficult to find a common interest that everyone enjoys. However, regardless of what the team members are into, activities that make you learn something new is always a good choice. A good example of such is participating in classes that teach you a new skill, such as art jamming in Singapore.


When choosing an activity from the many creative team building ideas in Singapore, you should take note of the following things:

–           Members’ age and level of fitness

–           Number of participants (especially if your teammates are allowed to bring guests)

–           Skill/lesson/output that you are expecting to get from the members

Teambuilding events can be a simple gathering in an intimate and quiet place, or a big get-together with family and friends around. Either way, the important thing is for you to create a safe space for your colleagues to interact and get to know each other outside of work. It does not have to be too personal, but the activities you select should encourage interaction and cooperation. If you can get your members to engage in your activities, that is already a good start to making them feel more comfortable with the people they work with.


  • Props

Based on the activities you have decided to do, you might need to prepare some gear or props. For instance, if you have decided to play teambuilding games by the beach, you might need to bring a volleyball or hula hoops and other items. On the other hand, for some activities like art jamming in Singapore or bungee jumping, the materials and safety gear are usually already provided.


The pointers above will surely help you find a worthwhile activity that the group will have fun in doing. Remember: the key to a successful teambuilding event is that everybody gets to partake in new experiences, learn new skills, or simply have fun getting to bond with each of the members of the group.


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