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Your bedroom is more important than just a sleeping room. It’s where you retreat to when you want to have some peaceful time away from the distractions of the living room. Your bedroom offers the secrecy of your world and keeps what you want unseen from the rest of the family. Giving it a special treat with uniquely designed furniture like a real wooden bed frame can be both an art and fun. The well your bedroom is decorated and attractively, the most enjoyable time you would like to spend in there. Some bedrooms are quite dark and disorganized; you can imagine how it will look it by the time you realize it’s a boring place to spend your quality time.


15101 Teak Horizon bed 10604 Teak Horizon bedside table


The best way for your bedroom to remain beautiful is keeping it fully organized. Avoid bringing in stuff you don’t use. Also, avoid over cluttering it with items that consume excess space and aren’t necessary. Keep your bedroom tidy always with minimal but unique furniture. Decorate your bedroom to transform it into a cozy retreat. Use platform beds that are spacious and are designed to fit your taste. The most important of all is matching your wall colour to fit with that of your furniture. Too much contrasting colours are may not reflect the design you are trying hard to achieve.

Whether your bedroom is a small alcove or a magnificent master suite, decorating it with wooden furniture gives it entertaining look. Ensure your bedroom is well lighted to avoid it being over dark. It should also be spacious enough and free circulation of air. The good circulation ensures you are well relaxed with plenty of air to make you night memorable. Avoid furniture that is too opaque to keep your bedroom with sufficient lighting.

Before considering buying additional furniture, first consider what you have and arrange it well. In small apartments, excessive furniture will cause overcrowding. It is always important to buy furniture that is proportional to the available space. Over cluttering the room will make it messy and deny you the comfort in the room you retreat to when you need quality time.

Consider displaying artworks that are both inspirational and eye appealing. Figure your bedroom as the first thing your eyes see when they wake up from the deep slumber, what do you like to see? considering your lifestyle of course. For instance, if you like watching on the bed, arrange your bedroom in the pattern that favours such interests. You don’t wish your bed to block your pathway to the dressing mirror when you are already late for work. You may end angry or annoyed for something you are responsible.

Make your room free with extra spacious pathways with no obstruction even for emergency situations. Arrange the furniture that works well for your bedroom according to desires and leave the rest you don’t require out. Start with the biggest furniture and finish with the small ones. Also don’t forget some flowers.


Sydney Travel Tips/Guide

Sydney is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world with everything to offer any visitor. Whether you are on a family holiday or travelling for a gap year, Sydney will not disappoint. These are some top tips on exploring the land down under.

Dining Out

Sydney has become a gastronomic mecca in many ways. You will find some of the best restaurants in the world throughout the city. If you wish to eat your way through the city, you can satisfy your cravings for any type of international cuisine, particularly Asian fare. Do not forget to try some of the local food trucks as they are often some of the best dining treasures to be had in Sydney.


Farmer’s Markets

If you are looking at a short term rental in Sydney, you will have the luxury to use fresh local ingredients to make some spectacular meals in your temporary home. You can find a farmer’s market in nearly every community from Bondi to Kings Cross. These markets provide the best ingredients Sydney has to offer including artisanal cheeses and breads to organic fruits and vegetables. Do not forget to pick up some fresh meat, fish and seafood to try at home.

2 - Zeta Bar Farmer's Market3

Lesser Known

Sydney is filled with some more quirky and lesser known activities for those who want a more unique experience. You might go to a crab race, attend an underground cinema, spend the night at the zoo, tour the city from below ground and you can take a number of city ghost tours. You can also tour the city on a Harley, explore tunnels and visit the old quarantine house.


Crab Race


Like travelling in any large city, common sense is the best ways to stay safe. Pick pocketing is common in any crowded area along with bag snatching. In addition to criminal safety, in Sydney you also have to be mindful of nature such as with beach warnings, bush fires, snakes and spiders. As a general rule of travel, keep your drinking to a minimum and avoid drugs to ensure you can protect yourself from potentially dangerous situations in an unfamiliar location.



Public transportation is widely available and highly affordable. You can take buses, ferries, light rail and trains. You can also take taxis and other car services, as well as to hire a chauffeur or a car for the day. One of the most delightful ways to explore the city is to take a walking tour so that you do not miss anything. And, the city has a number of transportation apps to make travel from one location to another simple and efficient.


Sydney is one of the most vibrant and thrilling cities in the world to visit. You can make the most out of any amount of time you have for exploring this urban treasure. Whether you wish to take a day trip or explore the lesser known, you will create memories to last a lifetime on this down under adventure.



Buying a Property in Singapore – Where Do You Start?

This is perhaps the most daunting question of all – where do you start to look for properties in a foreign land like Singapore? While you can find a proliferation of expat guides online, none of the materials seem to provide actual medicine to the pains and aches of searching for properties as an expat.


Identify the Pros of Living in Singapore

Knowing the “why” of your move is important as it gives you hints of what you should be looking for. As an example, you may be relocating due to huge potential savings from living in Singapore. If so, you should narrow down your choices based on areas that have the cheapest properties and cost of living. In general, the farther the property is from Singapore’s bustling capital, the cheaper the asking price is.




Make Use of the Internet

In today’s tech-driven age, the Internet is perhaps the vanguard leading other technologies. Its large database is a goldmine of leads for Singaporean properties of all types and sizes. Use the Internet to perform a dry run and search for property in Singapore. This will minimize resources spent on doing actual in-person visits to properties. Properties listed for sale online have detailed descriptions including space in square feet, address, price, and how many bedrooms and bathrooms are available.




Look for a Property Agent

Also referred to as a realtor or real estate broker, a property agent must be appointed to manage the transaction. A property agent will stand as your representative throughout the process, so it is of utmost importance that you find an experienced and competent property agent who is familiar with the local real estate market. Ask for credentials including license and certification. Ask upfront how much they charge for their services.




Decide on Your Priorities

Buying a condo for sale in Singapore, for instance, doesn’t give you access to backyard space. Meanwhile, a single-family home offers more space for bigger sized families but tends to be a more expensive route to property buying. Identify your priorities and consult with your property agent. Based on your specific needs and preferences, your property agent will start narrowing down options.





Obtain an Option to Purchase

Once you’ve found the right property in Singapore, lock it in with an option to purchase, or offer to purchase as some call it. Typically, you will have to prepare 1 percent of the purchase price in order to get the right to buy the property first in case other buyers are interested. If you decide to make the actual purchase, you can exercise the option to purchase and mail it to the seller’s agent along with another percentage of the purchase price, which may vary depending on what the seller’s side requires.


Property buying should never be done hastily. Always take the time to review fine print of paperwork you are asked to sign and inspect the properties you are considering. Lastly, make sure you are buying from the actual owner of the property or, at least, is the one qualified to resell it.


All Your Chinese New Year Needs in One Singapore Online Grocery Store

If you’ve never ordered from an online grocery store like, you might be surprised to learn that you can pick up all the ingredients you need for your Chinese New Year celebration online. Online shopping in Singapore makes it easy to gather all your ingredients without physically spending hours in the grocery store. Take care to follow these tips to get the most out of your online shopping experience.

1. Make a List Before Shopping

You can do this by going over your recipes to ensure you’ll have all the ingredients you’ll need for your New Year’s or Reunion Dinner. If you’re making traditional rice dumplings, it’s important that you have enough rice flour or bean paste to make enough dumplings for everyone who will come to your home.

images (3)

2. Comparison Shopping

download (2)Before ordering the largest size based on the price, make sure you’re comparing unit prices to ensure you are actually receiving the best deal. If you’re only buying these ingredients for a small party, you won’t need the largest size in the store. The ingredients could spoil before you’ll get to use it all. Check to see if it’s better to buy two or three smaller sizes instead of one large size.

3. Clean Out Your FreezerClean-Your-Freezer-in-a-Flash

This tip is important for anyone who is ordering online. You’ll need to make sure that if you’re stocking up on food, you have the room for it in your freezer. Purchasing freezer bags and separating ingredients can mean it will last longer, and you’ll have to order less often. While shopping for your Chinese New Year ingredients, you can save money by purchasing your weekly food needs at the same time as long as you have the room.

4. Time for Delivery

When you’re ordering food for a special occasion like Chinese New Year, don’t wait until the last minute. The delivery times will vary depending on your location. Your food should be delivered as soon as possible but waiting too long might mean that you’ll miss your event. You’ll also need to ensure that you’re home when the food is delivered. Most delivery companies will give you a two-hour window where they’ll deliver your food.

5. Fees and a Tip

images (4)

When you’re factoring in costs, don’t forget the fees associated with delivery and the tip for the driver. While ordering food online is more convenient than shopping at the grocery store, you might have to pay a little more money for that convenience. With fees and delivery costs, it can still be worth it to purchase your food online since you won’t have to stand in long lines, or drag all those groceries into the home.

Online shopping for your Chinese New Year celebration is simple as long as you make a list, have enough room in your freezer and factor in the extra costs for delivery. It’ll save you time and money in the long run if you don’t have to run to the store to make your purchases.


4 Simple Fixes For Superior VoIP Call Quality



Anyone that has spent a lot of time on an IP phone has likely run into quality issues at some point. VoIP systems can suffer from various problems, from packet loss, to jitter, to even echo and distortion. Fortunately, the vast majority of these are preventable and easy to remedy. Here are some simple tips for a smoother voice-over-IP experience.
1. Make Use of a Jitter Buffer

Jitter is one of the most frequent causes of headaches with voice over IP calling. The name aptly describes the common glitch of distorted and garbled audio. This is caused by a variance of latency in the packets. Sometimes the order of these packets get mixed up, degrading call quality. A jitter buffer closely manages the flow of packets, deliberately delaying them and ensuring that they arrive evenly. Jitter buffers come in both software and hardware forms.
2. Use a Dedicated Router

Routing VoIP traffic through the same channels as other data streams is a common pitfall. Voice over IP traffic needs to be prioritized for optimal latency and minimal packet loss. A dedicated router, especially one specifically designed for VoIP calls, gets the job done efficiently without interfering with other network operations.
3. Shore Up Your Bandwidth

Because IP phone calls run through the internet, it stands to reason that bandwidth problems and congestion can be disruptive. The first step to correcting this is to arrange for the highest speeds possible with your internet service provider. Many ISPs offer such packages for business.

Another preventable measure is to avoid heavy data usage during calls. The usual culprit for hogging bandwidth is streaming video on websites such as YouTube and Netflix.
4. Use a Proper IP Phone

A good headset or handset can go a long way to making your calls clear and intelligible. If your audio is coming out of an external speaker, it runs the risk of creating a feedback loop. This is when the sound exits the speaker and is picked up by the microphone, causing your calling partner to hear his or her own voice. If the person on the other end is also using an external speaker, this sound can continue looping indefinitely.

Headsets and handsets typically eliminate this issue, but it can still occasionally crop up if volumes are set too high.
Don’t Settle for Less

Some people simply accept that hiccups come with the territory, but it’s not difficult to get consistent quality from your voice over IP system. With a bit of preparation and use of best practices, you can enjoy crystal clear calls on a regular basis. With these tips in mind, there is no reason to put up with anything less than a stellar calling experience.

Getting Creative In The Office

get creative

artjamGetting creative in the office is going to be a very important part of what you are going to do as a manager. You can do the Art Jam in Singapore, and you can do team bonding in Singapore that is going to be perfect for you. You just have to make sure that you are going to get something that is going to help all the people in your office. The office that you are working in is going to help you be more productive, but that office has to have a chance to be as creative as possible. You can get the juices flowing when you have done some work to plan it out for everyone.


The Art

You have to give people a chance to do some art, and you need to be sure that you are going to get better results by working with people who help make others as creative as possible. That means that people are going to be able to get a lot of work done, and that also means that people are going to be able to get more work done because they have already done all the planning. People who are trying to do this right are going to have an easy time getting what they need, and people who are going to make the right kinds of art are going to learn a lot about how they have gotten to where they are.


Art Is Easy

Art is easy to do if you are working in an office where people are not artists. Everyone can still do the work that they need to do, and there is not going to be a problem with the people that are going to get the help that they need. They are going to learn how to do this art, and you are going to learn how to manage the art that you want to do yourself. You might have some ideas come up, or you might just learn that you can do something that no one thought was possible.


team buildingYou need to get someone to come to the office to help you, and you need to take people out of the office to get them to do as much as you can possibly get. That means that you are going to be able to get the help that you need, and the people
around you are going to get to make a lot of cool art that is very hard to miss. The art that you make is going to help you make sure that you are doing something as a team, and you are going to avoid just sitting around all day. The people in the office are going to love it, and you are going to make a mark on the business that is far greater than what you did. You are going to be able to show people that they are able to create things, get the juices flowing and make life simple.

Finding the Perfect Rental Property in Singapore With 6 Easy Steps

The perfect rental property varies from one person or family to another. Some prefer a smaller and more frugal HDB for rent in exchange for higher monthly savings that they can use later on to buy their own home. Others, especially bachelors, are fine with paying premium prices on a condominium unit in busy locations. Regardless of which side you’re at, the 6 steps below will lay the foundation for finding the right rental property with minimal costs.

Identify Housing Type

What type of housing will best fit your family’s size, lifestyle, and basic needs? 80 percent of people living in Singapore are under public housing or what is locally known as HDB, short for Housing Development Board. HDB for rent is both cost-effective and perhaps a simpler transaction compared to other options like leasing. HDB-type houses also come furnished with basic appliances, utilities, and heating.

Determine Budgetdeterming room for rent in singapore

Once you’ve identified the right housing type, determine the budget you are comfortable paying on a monthly basis. A room for rent in Singapore can cost anywhere between S$800 to S$1,000 per calendar month. A single-family house, on the other hand, will cost more. Straighten out your finances beforehand so as to avoid any surprises once bills start coming your way.

Consult a Realtor

Working with a local realtor expedites the process of finding a good home. They are well-connected with properties for rent within the local market, something that can prove useful to an inexperienced expat with no leads. Take note, realtors do charge a fee in exchange for their professional advice and property leads. Their expertise, however, helps to offset this cost.

realtor for room for rent in singapore

View the Neighborhood

If you are interested in shaking-hands2one apartment, condo, or single-family house, start by setting up a scheduled visit. On your way to the property, be observant of the surroundings. Is the neighbourhood safe? Is it accessible to public transportation? What business establishments and government services are within the community? These geographic qualities will have a significant impact towards your way of living.

View the Property

Look for major damages that can be expensive to pay later on. Have them fixed the problem first before you move in to avoid shouldering the expenses. Inspect the electrical wiring, plumbing, and heating systems. Walk around and feel the floorboard for any cracks. Check the walls for termite infestation and chipped paint. Your landlord or property manager must first correct these issues or reduce your monthly rates.

Finalize the Transaction

Once you’ve selected the right rental property, lock onto it so others won’t be able to grab it from you. A Letter of Intent given to the landlord or property manager should be enough to secure the prospect. Make sure to review the contract provided and ask for revisions if necessary. There may be hidden fees charged on your account per month, so it’s best to examine it thoroughly or have it examined by an attorney.

Singapore continues to become an attractive hotspot for expats. And with these 6 easy-to-follow steps, any expat can enjoy a nice affordable place that suits their needs.


Tips for a Great Homestay in Tokyo

tokyo city

Over 500 years old, Tokyo is a city that experienced an impressive amount of growth since the 17th century, which ultimately transformed it from a tiny fishing community–once called Edo–to the thriving metropolis it is today. Most of the city’s expansion took place during the seat of the Tokugawa Shogunate in 1603 and after the 1868 Meiji restoration, the town of Edo officially became what is now known as Tokyo. The metropolitan centre of Japan,Tokyo is an ideal city for travelers from around the world who are looking for an unforgettable holiday experience. Fortunately, Tokyo accommodation can be found to match any lifestyle or budget.

tokyo accommodation

A Diversified City

The vastness of Tokyo essentially makes it a constellation of cities, rather than one seamless part of Japan. Its districts vary significantly from one to another, which is evident when visitors compare the Imperial shrines and gardens of Chiyoda to the markets and pottery shops of Asakusa. Still another district that is a city within a city is the mecca of youth and modern culture known as Akihabara. For this reason, it is a highly diversified holiday destination and if one does not like what he or she sees, it is easy to hop on the subway or train and find something completely different at the next stop. Regardless of the type of rental one chooses when on a home stay in Tokyo, he or she will find exploring the city an enjoyable activity.

tokyo streets

Tips for First Time Visitors

Tokyo’s frenetic pace and sheer size can easily intimidate first-time visitors. Much of the region is a jungle of wires and concrete, with masses of blaring loudspeakers conveying messages to business professionals, vacationers and students. At rush hour, throngs of people crowd through large, complex transportation stations and passengers jostle each other in packed trains and taxis. Fortunately, creating an itinerary in advance when sightseeing is not necessary. Most people find that the best part about sightseeing in Tokyo is simply wandering around and exploring the various landmarks, shops, restaurants and theaters that fill the city. Most parts of Tokyo are very safe for visitors, and locals from various neighbourhoods often go to great lengths to help tourists who need assistance.


Tokyo boasts some of the best transportation systems in the world. It is not difficult to travel anywhere within the city by subway or train, although it is necessary to walk to and from the different stations. Taxis are also available, and although a bit costly when compared with other areas of the world, they are very helpful to first-time travelers who need assistance navigating the city.

When booking accommodation in Tokyo, travelers should consider a variety of factors, such as the time of year they wish to travel and the size unit necessary for the number of guests in their party. Because a trip to Tokyo is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, it is wise to plan carefully before making a final decision on a home stay package or lodging establishment. Regardless of one’s personal preferences and objectives for his or her holiday, no one can deny that the enchanting and lovely city of Tokyo is a perfect destination.

Building A Better Team In The Office

Building a better team in the office is going to help you make more money, stay productive and prevent problems. You must have a way of bringing everyone together, and you are going to have many more reasons when you just wait for a moment and allow your team to do a few exercises. Every exercise is going to be well worth your trouble, and you need to ask someone how they want to learn so you can pick the right kinds of activities for you.

join the Singapore team building exercises

The Exercises

You need to come together with the people in your office at least once a week with little exercises that help you stay on the same page. This is going to help you make sure that you can work with the people in the office, and you can see how people react to the different exercises you have them do. Spare some time to join the Singapore team building exercises that happen just once a week are going to be very helpful for everyone involved.

Communicate Better

A team is going to get much stronger when it talks a lot. The team needs to be friendly, and it is going to work even better when everyone on the team is friends with everyone else as it is. This is a really basic thing for people to do, and it is going to make it that much easier for people to get work done. A friendly conversation is going to go a long way, and you will be able to see that everyone actually likes working together. You can save all the trouble that usually happens when people do not get along.

Talk About Problems

The best way to get around problems is to talk about them as much as you possibly can. Grown people are going to talk about their problems right out in the open so that they can get things over with. Children hide their feelings and try to prevent people from knowing what is going on. You cannot have a team that does not handle its problems with dignity, and you cannot get very far when the team simply is not prepared to use its common sense in most matters. You will be able to avoid issues when you just talk about them so they do not get worse.

Keep Some Things Private

Pay and compensation need to be kept private, and anything that has to do with censuring someone should be done in private. This is going to prevent people from being embarrassed, and this is going to make it that much easier for you to get work done. No one will have concerns about how their job is being done, and this is going to prevent people in your office from knowing things that do not help them.

The best thing that you can do for yourself is to make sure that you are using all these team building exercises. You can get a lot more done when the office is running on all cylinders.

New Furniture Ideas in Time for Christmas

Who can’t relate to this scenario: Guests are coming over for Christmas and you do not have enough seating arrangement. But wait, did you notice a huge rip on the couch in the family room as well? How about the wobbly dining chair that you were planning to update a year ago? Now where can you put every guest without making the house look chaos?

Our furniture store in Singapore, has become the ultimate hub of furniture sets for homes like yours. Besides traditional and conventional furniture that we sell, you can find any type of furnishing from L-shaped sofa to cabinets and upholstery. They can make your house more efficient and a whole lot neater on time before the guests arrive for the holidays. Keep in mind that these furniture come in various size, shape and price, so before making any expensive decisions, investigate all of the options that are available to you at the store.


dining utensilsIf you are planning to update your kitchen cabinets for the Christmas holidays, we have cabinets in many forms. Framed cabinets from our store have a traditional look with a full frame across the cabinet face. We also carry European-style cabinets built without a face frame and that sport a clean look. Choosing one type over another is a matter of taste and budget. The quality of cabinets is another factor that is always taken into consideration. There are other things to look for in a cabinet construction, such as inner parts. Make sure the interior of the cabinet is well-finished with adjustable shelves enough to carry things that you have stocked up for the holidays as well.

Christmas is a time when you are planning to invite as many family members as you want, so a new dining table can be a beautiful addition to your dining room. Dining tables come in various materials but wood is the preferred one. You generally have a choice between a contemporary dining table and a traditional looking table. Our store offers an economical approach to both. Modular dining tables also offer the most flexibility in terms of design and use.dining-design-ideas

Who doesn’t want a new sofa set for the holidays that can accommodate more people. Our store for L-shaped sofa in Singapore offers a wide range of sets with different materials, built and price tags. Should you buy a modern sofa? Probably yes depending on your room’s decor. Unless you are experienced in design and feel confident about your knowledge, you may want to ask the furniture experts. If you want to try mixing, note that some styles work well while others don’t. One look that never fails for the holidays to appear dramatic is pairing the right color of the sofa with the decoration and theme.

l shape sofa

The bottom line is: you need to make your house look clean and fresh for the Christmas. But you must able to find the right products and get it easily and quickly for a great price just in time.

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