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Still Not Losing Weight? Here Are Three Easy-to-Follow Diets for You to Choose From!

Half of the year has gone. How’s your New Year resolution going? Were you able to lose those unwanted pounds?

Now before you cry out desperation, listen (or read) up: it isn’t too late. You still have a couple more months till 2016 ends, and that’s more than enough time to shed that excess weight. However, losing weight or slimming down in Singapore isn’t as easy as it sounds, with all the great-tasting delicacies and cuisines that are often too readily available.

So how can you jump start the process? Diet, of course! And no, it definitely does not mean you have to starve yourself. Here are easy diets to follow:


  1. Mediterranean Diet


Delicious and healthy? You bet! With its focus mainly on the produce found around the countries in the Mediterranean Sea, what you get is a combination of palate- and waistline-friendly chows. A typical diet consists of vegetables, fruits, beans, cereals, and even pasta! Examples include Greek Salad, Whole Grain Pasta with Vegetables, and Creamy Hummus with Warm Pita. More than just helping you shed pounds, it also promotes heart and brain health.


  1. 5:2 diet

They didn’t call it one of the best diets of 2016 for nothing! This 5:2 diet is based on a simple principle, you eat like you normally would for 5 days a week, then fast on the other two days. Sounds doable, right? Studies show that intermittent fasting can help lower the risk of some weight-related diseases, like breast cancer. However, it’s always good to remember that you aren’t supposed to feast on the non-restricted days either. Let’s admit it though; it’s easier to stick to a diet for two consecutive days than doing it for seven straight days, right?


  1. Paleo Diet


Don’t trash this one out just because it’s getting a lot of buzz lately. On the contrary, this diet is Google’s most searched-for weight loss method in 2013. Also known as the caveman’s diet, it consists of food that you think a Stone Age hunter can hunt or fish, like meat and seafood. Eggs, nuts, seeds, fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices can also be consumed. However, any cereal grains like dairy, wheat, refined sugar, potatoes and salt, as well as anything processed, is strictly off-limits. So basically, you’ll be eating like a caveman did (thus, the term “caveman’s diet”) 10,000 years ago. More than just promoting weight loss, experts say it also helps reduce the risk of diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and other health problems.


So there you have it! Who said slimming down in Singapore has to be a drag? Aside from these three, there are tons of diet options to choose from. Just be sure to read ahead though to make sure it’s a great fit for you.


How to Cook Pasta the Right Way: Top 8 Tips

Have you ever done the following: adding olive oil to the boiling water, dumping and rinsing the water until the pasta is completely dry (without reserving some to make it juicy)? If yes, you are cooking pasta the wrong way!


Many people cook pasta by first boiling the water, before tossing in some pasta, and eventually reheating the condiments (pasta sauce). While this is typically the direction printed on most pasta packaging, it’s a bad way of cooking the Italian dish. To make your pasta the perfect combination of not being too mushy or chewy, follow these top simple tips:

  1. Use a large pot

The pasta needs plenty of space to move, so that it’ll cook properly with its texture intact. Also, make sure your pasta didn’t roll into a ball.


  1. Fill the pot with lots of water

The pasta needs plenty of water so that it could be totally submerged. Make sure there’s no strand of pasta sticking out of the water, otherwise it won’t cook well.


  1. Add salt to water

Fill in a tablespoon of salt to water to give the pasta a flavour.


  1. Make sure the water is fully boiling

Don’t dump the water while it’s still simmering and not completely boiled to prevent raw and uncooked pieces, which will be a waste.


  1. Keep on stirring

While waiting for the water to fully boil, you need to keep on stirring the pot during cooking to avoid your pasta from clumping.


  1. Test the pasta before its ‘ready’ time

If you follow the recipe or direction on the pasta packaging, do note that sometimes the ‘ready’ time is not accurate. Try to test a few strands of pasta once the water is boiling. As a rule of thumb, your pasta should be chewy and springy in texture.


  1. Save a cup of pasta water

Make sure to save a cup of pasta water before you drain it completely. The water tends to be starchy after cooking which could be used in pasta sauces. Using the starchy water in sauces will prevent your pasta from clumping at the bottom of your bowl.


  1. Drain and stir your pasta with sauce quickly

Once pasta is drained, quickly put it in the pot, add the sauce and stir.


Whether you buy pasta in SG or make some of your own, the tips mentioned are applicable to both. It may take a while for you to get it right (even the professional chefs have admitted to it being a challenge), but with practice, your pasta will be perfection!

Learning More About Ballast Water Management Systems

Ballast Water is very important for the shipping industry worldwide. It is nearly impossible for shipping carriers to transport tons of goods across waters without the added stability of ballast water. However, there are some environmental concerns when it comes to ballast water transportation. Not only does ocean water get transported from its original location but so does aquatic life. Plants and animals that are indigenous to a certain location get sucked up in this ballast water and transported to a completely different location. This can be very harmful to a fragile ecosystem that is dependent on certain plants and animals for homeostasis.

Due to this environmental problem, an entire industry has come forth to bring solutions to the shipping professionals around the world. Ballast water management systems have been created to help shipping companies lessen their impact on the oceans in which they travel. Not only do Ballast Water Management Systems help lessen the environmental impact of a shipping company but they help to protect the structural integrity of a ship as well. Cathodic protection is implemented through water management systems to ensure that the added ballast water does not corrode the shipping carrier.

There are many different companies offering solutions to these water management issues. Different water management systems have been created to give the shipping industry an edge over the problems that ballast water caused in the past. It is important for shipping companies to find the very best water management systems to implement in their carriers as this will be a substantial investment that will pay off greatly in the future. Not only will shipping companies feel more environmentally responsible with a water management systems but they will also have the peace of mind that they are protecting their shipping carriers for many years to come.

Traveling in Amsterdam: Your Indispensable Guide

Canals left over from the Golden Age are lined by candlelight cafes, gabled houses, lush parks, colorful street markets, monumental museums and whirling bicycles. You will also enjoy a diverse array of dining options while in Amsterdam. The Venice of the North is legendary for their free-spirited and wild nightlife. These things are all what make it one of the great cities of Europe, and because of so much offered, it can sometimes be difficult knowing how to begin.

The Best Sights of Amsterdam 

Amsterdam has the world’s highest density for museums with more than 60 different museums to choose from. The Van Gogh Museum boasts ranks as the number one spot in the world for collections of Van Gogh’s work, and if you visit Stedelijk Museum, it will showcase some of the more modern art with a more edgy contemporary installation. In the Museum Het Rembrandthuis, you can admire some of the etchings from the master Rembrandt. He lived a canal house from 1639 to 1658 where he worked, and it has now become a museum.

Another great place to visit? Check out Western Canal Ring. It houses some of the most poignant WWII history where Anne Frank and her family stayed hiding from the Nazis for more than two years. During their time in hiding, Anne Frank wrote a diary that would later become legendary and displayed for the world to see. If you want a more powerful museum that covers WWII history, then the Nieuwmarkt’s Joods Historisch Museum will be an eye-opening experience. Visiting the Plantage neighborhood, the seafaring history of the city will become more apparent.

The Royalty in Amsterdam 88

Holiday apartments in Amsterdam have become a popular choice, and if you visit the vibrant Dam Square, you will be looking at the city’s starting place. Also, you will see Koninklijk Paleis, which is the residing area of King Willem-Alexander, along with his royal family. If you want to attend a big event in Amsterdam, mark your calendars for April 27, which is known as King’s Day or Koningsdag. During this time, the street is clad with giant orange, and the entire place turns into a big place to party.


The Churches 

The churches of Europe have interesting history and remarkable beauty. Taken from the perspective that goes aerial, you will see the most breathtaking churches in Amsterdam: Oude Kerk, Zuiderkerk and Westerkerk. Westerkerk has a beautiful panoramic view of the canals in the city.

Eating traditional Dutch cuisine has long been a delight. Staying a little longer in one of the Amsterdam vacation rentalsis worth it for the spicy rijsttafel, which is Indonesian food comprised of smaller dishes. You do not want to leave Amsterdam without trying some of their local cuisine. As a multicultural city, Amsterdam has some colorful streets for eating international foods. Those streets include Utrechtsestraa and Amstelveenseweg. You can also check out the Heineken Experience, and with your admission, you will receive a boat ride on the canal, which the ride takes you to Heineken Brand Store. Amsterdam has a lot to offer, and it is a city that can be enjoyed from multiple angles.




When looking to build wealth in Singapore one of the best ways to accomplish this task is to invest in real estate properties. By investing in real estate you will be able to acquire property and use it to either give yourself a steady income or make very high profits by selling this property after a certain period of time. During the process of looking into investing in property you will want to read up on Singapore property news in order to get updates on the current market. You will then be able to use this information to easily determine what types of property to invest in as well as where to find it. By following these steps you will have what you need in order to invest in Singapore properties and help establish financial security.

One of the best types of properties to invest in is apartment buildings. These are large multi family residential complexes. With apartment buildings you will have the opportunity to purchase a property that is of very high value and which also provides you with a steady income. With apartment complexes you can also hold onto the property for a certain amount of years and then sell it for a huge profit. As a result you can achieve the two best possible outcomes when it comes to investing in real estate which is to make an income while you have the property and then make a very high profit once you sell it. Therefore this will allow you to easily build lots of wealth in a relatively short period of time.

Another property to invest in are office buildings. These are large complexes that contain office suites These are primarily for businesses to conduct their operations. When the economy is strong and/or there is a need for companies looking for office space, you can make lots of money with these properties. Similar to apartment complexes, office buildings can allow you to make a steady income while you own the property and then sell it for a very high profit once you no longer want to own it. As a result investing in office buildings is another great way to invest in Singapore properties and build substantial amounts of wealth.

Those who are looking to invest in Singapore properties can also look into purchasing houses and condos. These are properties that provide individuals and families with a spacious and comfortable unit of housing. Houses and condos are usually a type of property that can provide investors with high appreciation as well as rental income. Therefore these properties offer flexibility to investors. If you invest in a house or condo you can rent it out to an individual or family and receive an income for a certain period of time. Then you can sell it for a profit once you no longer wish to possess it.

6 Causes of Hair Loss and How to Stop It

Are you tired of feeling shame whenever you go out with your friends and family? Tired of always covering your head to hide the remaining hair in your scalp? Well, you can end your hair problems today using hair treatment in Singapore.


But before you spend your money for the treatment, you must understand how hair fall happens first. This way, you can prepare yourself for the procedure that a professional hair treatment specialist will give you.


Why Do We Lose Our Hair?

Most people with falling hair subject themselves to hair fall treatment without consulting a doctor first. This leads to failure of treatment therefore wasting time, money and most of all, effort. But there are different factors that cause our hair to fall excessively. These are:


  1. Stress. Living and working in the city is surely stressful. This is the reason why we see many young professionals with receding hairline.


  1. Exposure to chemicals. Using different hair products with strong chemicals such as gels, hairsprays, shampoos and hair dyes everyday can definitely cause your hair to fall. Aside from cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy, people with high fashion sense who wear different hair colors day by day are usually the victims of extreme hair loss.


  1. Hormonal imbalance. There is a specific hormone that causes baldness in both men and women. This hormone is called DHT or Dihydrotestosterone. DHT is the main reason why men go bald and women get increased hair growth in their body parts. It can also cause androgenous hair loss.


  1. Medical conditions. There is a medical condition called alopecia areata that causes significant hair fall all over the body. This is an autoimmune disease that causes hair loss due to the body not recognizing its own cells, therefore attacking it.


  1. Unhealthy lifestyle. These days, we don’t control what we eat and drink. Some of the food and drink that we consume contain ingredients that are bad for hair production.


  1. Old Age. We cannot discount the fact that with age comes less hair. The hair’s declining rate of growth is the main reason for this, although sometimes it is coupled with androgenic alopecia which causes some people to lose their hair faster than everyone else their age.


How Do I Treat My Baldness?

Many men and women who have receding hairline are actively searching for different methods that could restore their locks to their former glory. There are different hair treatments in Singapore that can help. Through these treatments, you can be sure to achieve thick hair again. These treatments are:


  • Laser Therapy. This particular hair fall treatment involves stimulating the scalp by exposing it to laser lights.


  • Hair Implants. This is the fastest way to have more hair, but also costly and painful. This procedure usually takes 4 to 8 hours, depending on the scope of the problem. Hair grafts are implanted right into the scalp two to three strands at a time. This ensures that a new batch of hair will grow right where the grafts were implanted.


  • Injections. In cases of alopecia, this hair treatment involves injecting corticosteroids to specific parts of the head where it needs to regrow hair. However, its effectiveness is still being debated upon.


  • Natural remedies. This includes taking supplements extracted from natural ingredients such as herbs, ginseng and fruits that encourage hair growth. This may take a little while to get you the desired results but you’ll be surprised when your hair grows back!


Restoring your hair back to its former beauty will surely take time, money and patience. However, understanding the different reasons and their equivalent treatments will help you make the right decision. Don’t self-prescribe though. Be sure to consult a professional to discuss with you the possible strategies for safely re-growing your hair.

4 Important Vitamins for Healthy Hair

The saying “you are what you eat” is truer than you may realize. Our diet plays an important role in overall health as well as the health of our skin, nails, and hair. A balanced diet can help support hair growth, reduce the risk of potential hair loss, and keep your hair strong, while a poor diet can lead to brittle, dull hair prone to breakage. The following vitamins play an important role in the health of your hair.


Vitamin H (Biotin)
Biotin is one of the most well-known hair-strengthening vitamins and a common ingredient in salon shampoos. Also known as vitamin H, biotin works to increase hair’s elasticity while guarding against dryness and breakage. Biotin also aids in the production of keratin, the main component of healthy hair and nails. While it hasn’t been well studied, biotin may also slow down graying as well. According to one study, oral biotin supplements were found to safely promote “significant hair growth,” hair shine, hair smoothness, and moisture retention in women with thinning hair.

Biotin is found naturally in oats, green peas, lentils, brown rice, and brewer’s yeast. Biotin supplements are also available.

Vitamin A (Retinol)
Vitamin A (Retinol)
Vitamin A, also known as retinol, is one of the most important hair vitamins to work into your diet because it aids in the production of sebum, the oily substance secreted by your scalp. Sebum naturally works its way down hair shafts from the scalp to lock in moisture and prevent breakage. Retinol is also an antioxidant that fights free radicals that can weigh hair down.

You can boost your vitamin A intake by eating spinach, carrots, peaches, and taking cod liver oil supplements. Be careful to stay within the recommended daily intake of no more than 25,000 IU, however, as excessive vitamin A can lead to hair loss.

Vitamin D
Vitamin D is important for building strong bones, but recent research has also linked this vitamin to hair growth. According to a 2012 study, vitamin D may be able to create new hair follicles, or the small pores form which hair grows. A Harvard University study also found that vitamin D may be able to wake up dormant hair follicles.

Vitamin D is naturally found in fish, whole wheat grains, low-fat fortified milk, and dairy products. The body also produces vitamin D from sunlight, although it’s important to avoid too much sun exposure as very little is needed to produce sufficient vitamin D.

Vitamin E for skin

Vitamin E
While it’s best known as a vitamin for the skin, vitamin E also helps improve the health and appearance of your hair. Vitamin E is an antioxidant that improves blood circulation by boosting oxygen uptake. Research suggests that this aids in the production of new hair. Vitamin E is also believed to improve immune function to reduce the risk of hair loss.

Vitamin E is found in leafy greens like spinach as well as nuts and beans.

A balanced diet rich in hair-strengthening vitamins is one way to combat and slow down premature hair loss and graying by giving your body the ingredients it needs to keep hair healthy. If you are troubled by thinning hair, visit Viviscal Singapore to learn more about drug-free hair growth and strengthening solutions for fuller hair that shines from within.


Bringing The Table to Life!

Summer is upon us and it’s the perfect time to make a splash with friends and family as you delight their senses with all those incredible summer dishes and cocktails! With so many fresh fruits coming in to season, now is the time to try new and different ideas to bring your table to life.

Berries, Berries and More Berries Please!
DSC_0461-Version-2There is nothing more refreshing than a bowl of berries topped with a dollop of whipped cream! Strawberries, raspberries, blackberries and blueberries all go great with summer desserts and cocktails. Simple, but yet refreshing is the bowl of strawberries with Moroccan mint and freshly squeezed lemon juice. Top it off with a spoonful of whipped cream and you have the perfect dessert after a summer BBQ that will certainly delight your guests.

Pass Me The Flavored Water
fruit_198106940 There is nothing more stunning on a table than a glass pitcher filled with local fruits and vegetables adding amazing flavor to your water. From citrus slices to fresh cut cucumber, the ideas are limitless. You can dazzle them with edible flowers floating among the brightest and richest colors of the berry family or surprise them with fresh herbs frozen in ice cubes adding more flavor as they melt right before their very own eyes. Refreshing drinks are always welcomed at any gathering, party or event. These ideas not only add flavor, but they also add color to your day!

Tapas Time!
spicy-avocado-dip-large-50322 Bring your table to life with a variety of tapas that gives a vibe of pure pleasure. You can make freshly prepared avocado dips that come to life with a little or even a lot of spice! Try making homemade salsa freshly prepared with cilantro. Either way, both of these served with multi-grain crackers is sure to be a hit! Toasted French bread with goat cheese, a drizzle of warm honey and topped with walnuts is a delicious beginning to any meal. The ideas are just unlimited and if you let your creativity flow, it’s sure to be a great party!

Cocktails Anyone?
your_best_fruit_cocktails_the_kind_with_booze Some of the most amazing cocktails served today, are not new drinks, but new and improved versions. Putting the big pieces of fruit on a stick that stand out of the glass is not only impressive, but delightful! Try adding shaved coconut on top of a piña colada with a fresh slice of pineapple adorned with an orange slice. Making this the perfect seasonal drink. Fancy drinks not only taste great, but they add fun to almost any event.

Whatever it is you fancy to make for yourself and or guests, just be sure to add a little creativity to give it a nice twist. By experimenting with your favorite foods is exactly how the perfect dish comes to life. Don’t be afraid to let your imagination run wild. There is a time for traditions, and a time for just good old fun!


Cancer Screenings: The Best Defense against Colorectal Cancer

Globally, the incidence of colorectal cancer is expected to increase by 60 percent by 2030. Currently, approximately 5 percent of the population is at risk for developing colon cancer at some point during their lifetime, and there isn’t much they can do to prevent it. While diet, exercise, and a healthy lifestyle can help reduce the risk for cancer, there’s no way to eliminate the risk altogether. The best defense against colorectal cancer is early detection through cancer screenings, according to the American Cancer Society.
Slow Growing Cancer

Generally, colon cancers are slow growing. From the moment that abnormal cells start to grow and form polyps, it takes about 10 to 15 years for cancer to appear. This slow transition makes it possible for medical professionals to catch the condition early on and combat it when treatments are most effective. Since there are few symptoms associated with early-stage colon cancer, the only way to find abnormal cells early is through cancer screenings, such as colonoscopies.

Increased Survival Rates

Although more people are being diagnosed with colon cancer than ever before, fewer people are dying from it. This breakthrough is due primarily to early detection and early treatment. The survival rates for colon cancer vary greatly according to the stage in which treatments begin and the type of cancer involved. Stage-1 colon cancer has a 92 percent 5-year survival rating, whereas metastasized stage-4 colon cancer only has an 11 percent survival rating.

Recommended Cancer Screenings

To detect cancer early, medical professionals recommend routine colonoscopies for everyone over the age of 50. For people with a family history of colon cancer or other risk factors, colonoscopies are generally started at an earlier age. Patients of any age who have worrisome symptoms, such as rectal bleeding and unexplained weight loss, may be given a colonoscopy as well. Other tests that can find colon cancer include double-contrast barium enema, CT colonography, fecal blood test, stool DNA test, and flexible sigmoidoscopy.

People over the age of 50 and those with specific risk factors are urged to schedule a routine colonoscopy in Singapore or their local community. Usually, colonoscopies are performed every 10 years unless there is a family history of colon cancer or worrisome findings from previous tests.


The Cost of Lasik Surgery in Singapore



Maintaining good eyesight is crucial for any individual who wants to stay healthy and problem free. There are a number of procedures that can be undertaken to improve an individual’s eyesight; one of the popular procedures is the Lasik eye surgery. Lasik surgery considered in many circles as the gold standard of laser surgeries. The procedure involves the reshaping of the cornea using laser technology. Most patients who seek this form of surgical, intervention according to Shape magazine are individuals with high levels of myopia, moderate levels of hyperopia, astigmatism and other related conditions.

Most clinics in Singapore offer a choice between Intralase and Microkeratome Lasik procedures. According to the Lasik Eye Centre, under the Microkeratome procedure, a dedicated oscillating blade is used to make a corneal flap whereas under the Intralase procedure, a guided laser is used. In some cases a more advanced and expensive technology called Wavefront is used. This technology uses a more accurate measurement system based on a 3D map of the eyes image processing. It is instructive to note that Intralase procedure is 30% more expensive compared to the Microkeratome procedure.

Lasik treatment is a well-established corrective eye procedure in Singapore, thanks to the high number of skilled surgeons and approved clinics in the country. The benefits of Lasik surgery include; clear vision, short recovery time and less pain. This Lasik surgical procedure can also free a patient from using glasses or contact lenses. To ensure quick recovery, patients should avoid rubbing their eyes, for a duration of two weeks after surgery. Swimming and other contact activities should also be avoided for a period of three weeks. Full vision recovery is typically expected within 1 to 3 months.

The Cost of Lasik Eye Surgery
The cost of Lasik treatment varies from one clinic to the other. Many clinics in Singapore offer Lasik treatment at highly competitive rates compared to those in the West. According to Lasik Singapore Guide, the cost of Lasik treatment in the country ranges from a low of $2,800 to a high of $8,400. If you want to know more about the names of Singapore eye centre contact here. The top clinics include Tan Tock LASIK, Eye Specialist Clinic, Eye Clinic Singapore International, Shinagawa Eye Centre, Jerry Tan Eye Clinic, International Eye Clinic and Orchard Eye Clinic and Surgery among others.

Some of the key factors that determine the cost of Lasik treatment among the mentioned Singapore eye centre contact here include; condition of the eye, type of laser eye procedure, medications, seniority of the doctor and type of excimer laser. Before undertaking treatment, it is important to ask your doctor critical questions such as the doctors experience; what to expect during and after surgery and side effects of treatment. Besides eye surgery, eye clinics in Singapore also provide other specialty eye care services such as cataract surgery, glaucoma treatment, pterygium, eye screening and myopia control in children.

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